Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chandler the Robot

Welcome to Chandler the Robot!


(There are a few charming chairs left)

When I'm not touring, I've got to use up my energy somehow right? So, I thought to myself "What's a girl to do?" That's how I came up with this site. I know our band has all sorts of ways to connect with you, but I wanted my own personal blog where I could write about whatever nonsense came into my head and of course share robots with you as well!

The plan is for me to keep an eye out for curious robots and robot ideas for me to design while we are on the road. (Tour for Meg and Dia starts this fall. For dates check our myspace or facebook)

I am currently in the process of creating more designs for your wearing pleasure. Some of you messaged me about where Chandler is to be found. I'm happy to say he will be available on this page soon.

Been so busy going to practice, watching Dexter, and getting our ep released safe and sound. These are exciting times people!

More later...

Thank you for visiting, please visit again soon. (Hopefully, I'll be writing these regularly)