Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Glimpse of Glamour

I want to give everybody examples of how the design process works for me in my head. I'm always SO curious how the artists I look up to do their thing, so I hope this helps some of you. (Or some of you can help me!)  I've read many manuals, and have taken "professional" classes, (which were fantastic and work great for many artist friends of mine) but for some reason I do much better just going for it. It's the same way with music. I Sort of skipped the school and the lessons and hopped right to it. I'm sure that's apparent all throughout my songs to all of you classically trained musicians! 
     I think it's not just my learning style, but it's mainly my impatience to get the idea I have in my head out! 

When I was living in Austin, before I dived into the world of jewelry making, I had a dream to design engagement rings. Not one of those "I had a dream..." in which that opera singer is singing from the top of her lungs in your background and the birds are floating around your head as you search deep within your soul to capture your passion.
     No... I literally had a dream. When I woke up I drew these sketches, signed up for some diamond certification classes online, and found that incredible jewelry school in Austin: Creative side (which is where the first crude prototype of Chandler the Robot was born of course).

My ideas start with a sketch. I don't just draw a sketch of the piece. I name it. Naming a piece of jewelry or a song is one of the most important parts of the process to me. It gives it the "human element". After all, everything I create is to spark some sort of feeling in a person, whether it's the same feeling that song or piece sparked in me, that's not the important thing.
     The name is that idea written down that I can focus on throughout the completion of the song or piece. It keeps the creative process flowing fluidly with a specific direction.
      These two designs were my first designs. I've seen engagement rings in the past and they all seemed to boring and unimaginative. There's the diamond. Here you go. I wanted something that focused on the gold surrounding the diamond. So I created these. So, while I went to class ready to focus on new-age engagement rings, somehow I came home with a mini copper robot.

That's the thing. You never know where your passions are going to take you. That's why I love doing what I do. The surprises never stop and always keep you on your toes.
The design at the bottom of the blog is the next design I am working on. I'm calling it "Racheal the Robot Earrings", but that's only a preliminary name, since I'm still figuring out if "Friends" would ever sue a poor innocent jewelry maker. We will see how I feel about it. She hopefully be available in January.


P.S. I'm going to expose my inexperience with the "blogging thingy" and ask if there is any way I can reply to your comments you guys leave on my blogs??? Until, I figure out how to do it or if it is even possible I want you all to know that I read every single one of them and look forward to reading your input. And until I figure out how to do it, I would like to reply to Mike's comment on my "Merry Christmas" blog and say that I really agree with you on realizing that it's good we haven't "figured it out" yet, because it is very true: "figuring it out" is the biggest part of the adventure.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm not sure if most of you are younger than I suppose and haven't yet left the nest. Have you guys gone off to college, explored New York City, or moved to that "bigger city" in your state where everyone moves to when they get old enough to "get away from it all"? For example, Salt Lake is that city for me. Salt Lake is where I "got out" to. 

I grew up in this small town in southern Utah. We have all the usual details a small town has. There are the three dueling high schools, all set on a grid of the city, like the constellation orion. I experienced and observed all the "clicks" just like all of you. I actually was a cheerleader. (Something I am not proud of, but can't seem to stop telling people. Go figure). 
I went to Salt Lake City when I graduated to join a metal band with my rebellious boy friend at the time. After that I tried to move to Santa Barbera, CA. Now, that is a beautiful place! But that adventure lasted for about 2 days, and then I drove home, scared silly of my newfound independence. (I'm spontaneous as Hell, and that isn't always a good thing.) I've lived in Austin (where my heart will always be), Florida (where the HUMIDITY will always be), and Las Vegas... and we all know what will always be there...SIN dun, dun, dun. Ha ha. Sin and really great midnight buffets! 

Fast forward to now. I'm home. Living with my family. 25 years old. It's incredible but strange at the same time. (I'm sure some of you are experiencing this right now. By all means give me your thoughts and insights) It's like we all ran out into the world with a stuffed suitcase, pink pajama pants and panty hose, sloppily hanging out the sides, in our haste to TAKE ON THE WORLD in 90 days or less!!! And then, we return home, mopey in our step, eyelids heavy and looking in any and all directions at once so we don't have to look any one person directly in the eye balls. 

To those of you who haven't graduated yet. Don't be worried. This...might not happen to you;)

Once I got home and unpacked and my mother prepared the same korean dishes she used to feed me as a kid, I realized "I'm still trying to figure myself out". I think I'm getting close. I think I've figured out that I'm a creative person, and school doesn't do me a lot of good. (I've registered for online classes three consecutive semesters in a row, and have not yet completed a single class). Please note, I am not one of those confused, "trying to figure myself out" in a depressing sort of way people. I hope you aren't either. If you are, snap out of it "Food tastes too good, and music is too fun to play to be depressed!" I'm just saying, I'm learning now "what I want to be when I grow up", I'm more clearly defining what I fancy in a man, what I look for and want to be in a friend, you know, things of that nature.

I've been home for about two weeks. I've had the opportunity to go grocery shopping and step outside to see a show or too. Remember, I live in a very small town. Not surprisingly, I run into a lot of the chaps I knew from high school. They are all over the place and all grown up.  Many of my friends are married with responsible husbands and adorable kids, some are home for the holidays and going back to law school, some have started up their own businesses, and some aren't doing a damn thing! Which is fine, I'm just observing.

I guess what I'm getting at is I'm now experiencing the sensation of the wonderment of "getting older" and watching people "get older" around me. I've lived enough life, for the first time, to witness and observe some incredible changes. And I'm growing so wise, oh so wise. Totally kidding!

No, but really, even with my band, we aren't just "starting out" anymore. We are four records in, as well as having done several EP's, and we've been touring for six years! People come up to me during shows and say "You guys got me through my high school years" And I'm thinking to myself, "That's crazy! We've been around for that long!"

I love it though. I remember just a few days ago, I watched this movie and one of the characters says to another character who was, I believe, feeling down on herself because she was getting older and he said "No way would you want to go back to being 16! Do you remember who you were at 16? You're beautiful now" or something along those lines. Now, don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being sixteen. (Just make sure you don't let your 17 year old boyfriend take off in your dad's car and drive it 110 mph down the free way with your dad chasing him, and you should be fine)

I'm in a good place. All of us in this "time of our lives" are in a good place. I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing. Creating jewelry and music and connecting to you!

Might I add to this very personal blog, sheesh! Honestly, I am new to "blogging" and "twitter" and "facebook". I still haven't figured out "twitter" or "facebook", so I ask you all to bare with me. I do have a lot to say and I enjoy interacting on the web very much, with you all. Please give me feedback on anything. Even if you think there is something I could improve on (like spelling. ha ha. It's happened before) or if you have ideas for the next jewelry piece, or even if there is something I can help YOU with. I started this whole deal because I love being creative and connecting with people and hopefully having something to offer. I hope that comes through. 


Friday, December 17, 2010

Chandler's all sold out.

"Chandler is all sold out as of today". Thank you all so much. There will be more Chandlers as well as Holiday Chandlers  soon. I will let you know and keep you updated.

Thank you! Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chandler's Photo Op

Grrr. For Christmas I'm getting myself a camera. A) So I can stop borrowing my band members' cameras, and B) So I can take better pictures of Chandler all on my own. RESPECT for you photographers out there. If any of you have photography skills, please feel free to take some pictures of him for me and send them my way.

I have been losing sleep over my next robot idea for Rachael the Robot. Get this! They are going to be silver earings, and I think she is going to have a little flower in her hair and maybe be holding an umbrella. I'll put some preliminary sketches up soon. Sorry to the guys, this piece might be a little "female" oriented, but Joey is coming up next. What a nerd I am. Sorry guys, my obsession with "Friends" will never die, although "Dexter"is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. Only a few more Chandlers left. I'm working on having more for next year:)

Also, I would really like to give credit to Luca for taking some incredible photos of us. He made me look "not nerdy" and that takes a lot of talent. Click on that pic of me if you'd like to be redirected to his photo site. He's got some really cool stuff up.


P.S. The new music is...very new. I can't wait until we can put up a taste for you guys to sample.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Chandler Sold Out

Dear friends,

Holiday Chandler is sold out. Sorry to you who didn't grab yours. Didn't expect him to go so quickly, but there he went, just like kids off to college!

However, the good news is, there is still plenty of Original Chandlers left:)


P.S. I have never slept in a bed as cozy and as soft as the one my mom has for me at her home. Such a crazy difference from those hotel room mattresses.

P.P.S. All I want for Christmas is Dr. Suess books. Yeah, you remember the ones you read when you were a kid. Those books are seriously incredible!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Official Release of Chandler today!

Dear friends,

Oh my goodness it's good to be home! I'm happy I arrived just in time for the holidays to officially let all of you know about the new and improved "Original Chandler" and "Holiday Chandler". (Thank you to those of you who have placed your orders already. I'm sure he is enjoying his new homes:)

The new Chandler charms are about 2 1/4" high. The chain is 25".   I designed the "Holiday Chandlers" specifically for Christmas, what else! They have little copper ear muffs keeping their ears warm as well as tiny booties to warm their toes. These new designs are a bit less fragile than the old Chandlers. I saw a bunch of you on tour wearing the old Chandlers and they looked like they were holding up very well, thanks to their careful owners. Place your orders soon, so that I can ship them out to you before Christmas. (Also, special thanks to my mother for sending out my orders for me while I was on the road.)

I'm already starting to plan to move back to Austin to take some more jewelry classes to devise my next designs for next year. Rachael, oh Rachael the robot, what will you look like? 

So, crazy news. The last night on tour in Denver somebody slashed our tires! I know, I know terrible holiday news. Who would do such a thing? Anyway, instead of coming back to a nice quiet hotel room, Nick was getting his jeans all dirty and his elbows scruffed up while he was busy changing a tire. We changed one tire and still had one tire that was losing air fast. We started driving on the freeway, all of us putting on our seat belts for the first time in case of a blowout. It was crazy stuff. We ended up pulling off somewhere and taking a cab the rest of the way. 
We've had lots of car trouble this tour. We almost slid of the road in Dekaulb. That night was soo scary driving through that blizzard. Our van was basically ice skating across the freeway. You north-earstern folk... how do you do it?
I caught the flu or a cold or something the last few days of tour. I already wrote to my mother to have her fix me up some spicy korean food to cure my throat. 
Overall though, this tour was fantastic. We toured with bands we loved, with music we enjoyed. We talked to a lot of you we haven't seen in a year. Thank you for the chocolate-covered gummy bears, paki, and lucky charms. Also, it was such an honor to have some of you fly across the country and even from Canada to see us play. 

Great, Great memories.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hello friends,

Only two more shows left. We only ran into some crazy weather a few nights ago. Slid all over the roads that night, and there was no way I could sleep in the van while that was happening! Joey Ryan and the Spring Standards are gone. We will miss them, and we wish them well. I hope the weather for the remainder of the trip is fair. 

My head is all over the place due to exhaustion, but when I get home I promise to write a recap of the whole tour as best I can. 

I wanted to let you know so that you aren't surprised and I can't be blamed for being deceptive that the Chandlers are all copper. The legs aren't silver like in the picture. There is a shiny copper glaze over the whole thing. You'll see. It's adorable.