Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chandler's Photo Op

Grrr. For Christmas I'm getting myself a camera. A) So I can stop borrowing my band members' cameras, and B) So I can take better pictures of Chandler all on my own. RESPECT for you photographers out there. If any of you have photography skills, please feel free to take some pictures of him for me and send them my way.

I have been losing sleep over my next robot idea for Rachael the Robot. Get this! They are going to be silver earings, and I think she is going to have a little flower in her hair and maybe be holding an umbrella. I'll put some preliminary sketches up soon. Sorry to the guys, this piece might be a little "female" oriented, but Joey is coming up next. What a nerd I am. Sorry guys, my obsession with "Friends" will never die, although "Dexter"is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. Only a few more Chandlers left. I'm working on having more for next year:)

Also, I would really like to give credit to Luca for taking some incredible photos of us. He made me look "not nerdy" and that takes a lot of talent. Click on that pic of me if you'd like to be redirected to his photo site. He's got some really cool stuff up.


P.S. The new music is...very new. I can't wait until we can put up a taste for you guys to sample.


  1. Wow, that's great timing. I recently had the idea to send you some of my Chandler photos and actually started taking some shots with my DSLR last night. I was hoping to take some daylight photos as well and email them your way within the next couple days. I've got a Flickr also, so I may post them there ( and let you know when they're up.

    And Meg, thank you for the lovely holiday card. I was completely elated by it when opening up my Chandler package, not exaggerating at all. Thanks so much and take care!

  2. Got my Chandler yesterday! Thank you so much Meg! He is so perfect!