Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm not sure if most of you are younger than I suppose and haven't yet left the nest. Have you guys gone off to college, explored New York City, or moved to that "bigger city" in your state where everyone moves to when they get old enough to "get away from it all"? For example, Salt Lake is that city for me. Salt Lake is where I "got out" to. 

I grew up in this small town in southern Utah. We have all the usual details a small town has. There are the three dueling high schools, all set on a grid of the city, like the constellation orion. I experienced and observed all the "clicks" just like all of you. I actually was a cheerleader. (Something I am not proud of, but can't seem to stop telling people. Go figure). 
I went to Salt Lake City when I graduated to join a metal band with my rebellious boy friend at the time. After that I tried to move to Santa Barbera, CA. Now, that is a beautiful place! But that adventure lasted for about 2 days, and then I drove home, scared silly of my newfound independence. (I'm spontaneous as Hell, and that isn't always a good thing.) I've lived in Austin (where my heart will always be), Florida (where the HUMIDITY will always be), and Las Vegas... and we all know what will always be there...SIN dun, dun, dun. Ha ha. Sin and really great midnight buffets! 

Fast forward to now. I'm home. Living with my family. 25 years old. It's incredible but strange at the same time. (I'm sure some of you are experiencing this right now. By all means give me your thoughts and insights) It's like we all ran out into the world with a stuffed suitcase, pink pajama pants and panty hose, sloppily hanging out the sides, in our haste to TAKE ON THE WORLD in 90 days or less!!! And then, we return home, mopey in our step, eyelids heavy and looking in any and all directions at once so we don't have to look any one person directly in the eye balls. 

To those of you who haven't graduated yet. Don't be worried. This...might not happen to you;)

Once I got home and unpacked and my mother prepared the same korean dishes she used to feed me as a kid, I realized "I'm still trying to figure myself out". I think I'm getting close. I think I've figured out that I'm a creative person, and school doesn't do me a lot of good. (I've registered for online classes three consecutive semesters in a row, and have not yet completed a single class). Please note, I am not one of those confused, "trying to figure myself out" in a depressing sort of way people. I hope you aren't either. If you are, snap out of it "Food tastes too good, and music is too fun to play to be depressed!" I'm just saying, I'm learning now "what I want to be when I grow up", I'm more clearly defining what I fancy in a man, what I look for and want to be in a friend, you know, things of that nature.

I've been home for about two weeks. I've had the opportunity to go grocery shopping and step outside to see a show or too. Remember, I live in a very small town. Not surprisingly, I run into a lot of the chaps I knew from high school. They are all over the place and all grown up.  Many of my friends are married with responsible husbands and adorable kids, some are home for the holidays and going back to law school, some have started up their own businesses, and some aren't doing a damn thing! Which is fine, I'm just observing.

I guess what I'm getting at is I'm now experiencing the sensation of the wonderment of "getting older" and watching people "get older" around me. I've lived enough life, for the first time, to witness and observe some incredible changes. And I'm growing so wise, oh so wise. Totally kidding!

No, but really, even with my band, we aren't just "starting out" anymore. We are four records in, as well as having done several EP's, and we've been touring for six years! People come up to me during shows and say "You guys got me through my high school years" And I'm thinking to myself, "That's crazy! We've been around for that long!"

I love it though. I remember just a few days ago, I watched this movie and one of the characters says to another character who was, I believe, feeling down on herself because she was getting older and he said "No way would you want to go back to being 16! Do you remember who you were at 16? You're beautiful now" or something along those lines. Now, don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being sixteen. (Just make sure you don't let your 17 year old boyfriend take off in your dad's car and drive it 110 mph down the free way with your dad chasing him, and you should be fine)

I'm in a good place. All of us in this "time of our lives" are in a good place. I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing. Creating jewelry and music and connecting to you!

Might I add to this very personal blog, sheesh! Honestly, I am new to "blogging" and "twitter" and "facebook". I still haven't figured out "twitter" or "facebook", so I ask you all to bare with me. I do have a lot to say and I enjoy interacting on the web very much, with you all. Please give me feedback on anything. Even if you think there is something I could improve on (like spelling. ha ha. It's happened before) or if you have ideas for the next jewelry piece, or even if there is something I can help YOU with. I started this whole deal because I love being creative and connecting with people and hopefully having something to offer. I hope that comes through. 



  1. I really love reading your blogs. It really allows us to realize you are a real person too, not just a mythical creature -- like a unicorn. Totally kidding (about the unicorn part). We get to see that you struggle sometimes too.

    I think you guys are inspirational. I started listening to you guys in 2006 when I was a junior in high school, and now I'm a fourth year college student. So much time has gone by already, but I still love your music; new and old. And with more personal stuff like your jewelry making or blogging, it's given me more reason to admire you :)


  2. First, I have to say that I love all the new pictures of Chandler! He's such a cutie!

    And it's true, you've helped a lot of people through their High School years, including myself. I have such great memories to your music! One night my friends and I were driving home from a movie premier and it was reeeaaally late and we were all super tired. My friend turned on her CD player in her car and the first thing to play through the speakers was, "Stay Awake, Stay Awake. Survive." We had such a laughing fit that we all managed to make it home fully awake. Haha.

    I love how personal your blogs and your music are. The fact that you're even attempting to connect to your fans says a lot about you. Most artists don't bother, or don't make the time to do that.

    And I think that most people go through their lives never really figuring out who they are. My mother would be Exhibit A. Not that there's anything wrong with that, she really is a great person.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Meg! I hope that this next year proves to be the best yet!


  3. Great stuff. I can certainly relate to your situation. I've been "out" and back several times like a lamb with its legs broken. It's a crazy wonderful time period. Not a failure, no where near it in fact. Just needing direction. 25 (or 24 in my case) years of triumph and utter failures, and ya figure it's about time to get the picture right? The next 25 is about really solidifying those passions, careers, and relationships. It's the decisions made in the fuzzy interim that dictate the next 25. Education is wonderful, but you have to adore what you study at this point. There's far too much "real world" for people in our age bracket to study something not readily applicable or deeply passionate.

    Ok. I'm done.

  4. I firmly believe that as the years pass and society flops along, age as a number is losing its relevance. It seems to be so much easier these days to individualize yourself on a variety of levels. To me as an adult, age has become an idea, kind of abstract like "maturity." I don't think I'm any better or worse off than anyone else but I find that it's easier to remain confident about everything I've done and everything I'm doing if I have nothing to compare it to even on a subconscious level.

    Besides, I'm scared that the day I genuinely feel like have everything figured out will be the day I lose the drive that keeps me motivated and excited by life.

    It's funny, I find some of those "finding your way" rites of passage strikingly similar to things I went through. I wouldn't want to take it back, either. It's better to be the kid who took a risk than the one who never did.

    P.S. Don't get a Facebook. It'll ruin your life.

    I kid I kid.

  5. I can definitely relate. I thought I knew what I wanted, went to school for it, then things changed! I've been out and back, now at my mom's house, preparing for my next course of action (I'm 24). This time I know what I really want to do (art/illustration). It's been bumpy road, this whole "finding myself" thing.

  6. I just love reading your blogs. It's very...hmm "cool", for lack of better words, tto see that you the same kinds of random tghoughts and ideas that "normal" people have.

    What's more weird is that you have a level of celebrity about you, and you don't seem to let it go to your head. As you get more famous, I hope you all keep that quality.

    I saw you in concert, standing at the bar about 10 feet from me...I was too scared to walk up and ask for your autograph. I thought it was super cool that you came up front to watch the other bands playing. :-) anyway, I love you guys and will keep buying your music for sure. Your jewelry is way adorable, and I'd love to see engagement rings.

  7. I've never thought about it in that sense seeing as how I'm from Chicago. Living 'IN' the big city I never thought about how scary it would be to be in a big place so suddenly (I'm sure that as a little kid I did) but now I can't imagine living somewhere other than Chicago. Don't get me wrong I love exploring new places and experiencing new things but Chicago is home to me. Just walking around the city is like a giant soundtrack to the day. And the Public Transportation makes accessing the entire city a breeze (once you figure out which way to go). Each and every day is a new adventure in this city especially down town since you never know what to expect when there, but I digress I guess just living in the big city all my life its kind of turned into a routine.