Thursday, December 9, 2010

Official Release of Chandler today!

Dear friends,

Oh my goodness it's good to be home! I'm happy I arrived just in time for the holidays to officially let all of you know about the new and improved "Original Chandler" and "Holiday Chandler". (Thank you to those of you who have placed your orders already. I'm sure he is enjoying his new homes:)

The new Chandler charms are about 2 1/4" high. The chain is 25".   I designed the "Holiday Chandlers" specifically for Christmas, what else! They have little copper ear muffs keeping their ears warm as well as tiny booties to warm their toes. These new designs are a bit less fragile than the old Chandlers. I saw a bunch of you on tour wearing the old Chandlers and they looked like they were holding up very well, thanks to their careful owners. Place your orders soon, so that I can ship them out to you before Christmas. (Also, special thanks to my mother for sending out my orders for me while I was on the road.)

I'm already starting to plan to move back to Austin to take some more jewelry classes to devise my next designs for next year. Rachael, oh Rachael the robot, what will you look like? 

So, crazy news. The last night on tour in Denver somebody slashed our tires! I know, I know terrible holiday news. Who would do such a thing? Anyway, instead of coming back to a nice quiet hotel room, Nick was getting his jeans all dirty and his elbows scruffed up while he was busy changing a tire. We changed one tire and still had one tire that was losing air fast. We started driving on the freeway, all of us putting on our seat belts for the first time in case of a blowout. It was crazy stuff. We ended up pulling off somewhere and taking a cab the rest of the way. 
We've had lots of car trouble this tour. We almost slid of the road in Dekaulb. That night was soo scary driving through that blizzard. Our van was basically ice skating across the freeway. You north-earstern folk... how do you do it?
I caught the flu or a cold or something the last few days of tour. I already wrote to my mother to have her fix me up some spicy korean food to cure my throat. 
Overall though, this tour was fantastic. We toured with bands we loved, with music we enjoyed. We talked to a lot of you we haven't seen in a year. Thank you for the chocolate-covered gummy bears, paki, and lucky charms. Also, it was such an honor to have some of you fly across the country and even from Canada to see us play. 

Great, Great memories.



  1. It was an amazing tour, and cannot wait to get the new Chandler!!! Keep up the amazing work Meg, I'll support you all the way! Sorry about the tire stuff, people can be idiots...stay strong and keep writing amazing music!

  2. I love my holiday Chandler, thank you so much Meg! It's sad to hear about the tire situation, but it's great that you guys had a fantastic time on tour overall. Wish I could've made a show. Get well soon!

  3. I'm glad you are all safe and the tour was great besides the stupid tire incident. I bet the person wanted you guys to stay longer! As for the roads, I don't know how fast your supposed to drive on the freeway with snow but maybe slowing down would help in case something did occur.
    Hope to see more youtube videos, blogs, and merchandise soon! Get well soon, and keep up producing great music as well!