Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Affair

When I first dove into jewelry, a friend of mine told me he was sad I was letting go of music to do jewelry and he wished I would stick with music. His sentiment did make me very thoughtful for awhile. After all, when one takes up something new, less time is available for that something old. I have to confess, when I first started tearing copper sheet apart and winding wires until my fingers were just about as sore as when I first picked up a guitar, I didn't play my instrument for a solid week. After that though, we did some touring and practicing, and I once again focused on the band.

last night a funny thing happened. Dia and I were having an e-mail conversation about the covers we would be playing at our Portland college show coming up. (I want to play "Sister Golden Hair" by America and "My Guitar Gently Weeps" by the Beatles.) After a week of my guitar collecting dust, I took it out of its case, and had a bit of an episode remembering a few parts here and there. Why aren't you working fingers? What is the deal? Isn't my musical prowess supposed to be perfection regardless of how often I grease the wheels?

 I realized I had been having an affair with my new love: jewelry and had left my old love: music a little behind, only to tip toe back into bed with it and tap on its' shoulder ever so affectionately. "Please baby" I ought to have whispered to music, "You know how much you mean to me. I'm telling the truth now. Take me back."

 "We are the architects of our own lives." I'm not sure where I picked that phrase up, but it's true. 

Only each of us unto ourselves can discern what will make us the most happy. Music makes me so happy, so complete. Jewelry makes me dance in delight. They are both art to me, emotional, creative, and expressive. And now that I have been fatefully introduced to both, I can't leave one behind. This isn't an affair. Music isn't taking a back seat, there's just a new passenger. 
You know you. Go be happy. Wake up early and make time for all the things and people that make you happy. Don't neglect anyone or anything. Embrace it all. That's Chandler's silly advice anyway...

P.S. Everyone check out Rachel Ross' art. She drew that pic of "Steampunk me" to the left! Click on the pic to see more of her stuff!!!


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  2. your music and jewelry are both amazing so i'm glad you're not leaving one behind. :) i'd love to see you guys live someday.

  3. "We are the architects of our own lives."
    I like that. :)

  4. There's a lot of wisdom between Chandler's headphones!

    And very cool drawing of you Meg!

  5. I experienced the same sort of thing when I came to school- which sounds silly, since I'm currently only in my second semester, but the principle is the same. Art is my great love. And within art, I draw and take pictures. And surprising though it may be, the two are distinctly separate disciplines. The world says, pick one or the other, and that was a tough decision for me to make. I've had to put photography in the backseat and acknowledge that there's more of a future in illustration. I miss taking pictures, but it's easier to take pictures as a hobby than master the incredibly daunting discipline of illustration.

    I'm really glad that you're getting back into your music. Ideally you could find a balance; but in my experience (and yours, from what I can tell) that rarely happens. Good luck keeping up with both.

  6. Do not fret Meg! Forgetting happens to everyone, and sometimes it's the things which are closest or easiest to us. Your musical skills and vocals are not perfect, but they are great nonetheless. Perfection is simply an ideal thought or state. However you can sure get close! Your band’s past successes along with your own are a grand display of the skill each of you possess. Only increased excellence will come as a result of submerging yourself in music.

    When it comes to jewelry, your passion is more than evident. The pieces on sale thus far are great and I would rate them as high any MAD tune out there. Let it be known that all Meg and Dia songs are inexplicably amazing.

    In the end, this affair with music and jewelry is acceptable unlike a real life affair between two people. Continue with both Meg, and you will always feel complete, happy, and ready to dance. Somehow, someway, all the time needed for both arts will find you.

    By the way, the ending of the second paragraph made me smile and youtube is a great how to source. =D

    P.S. Here is a photo I took of Chandler ealier tonight.

  7. This is very true. Thank you for your words of wisdom. =)
    Your jewellery and music are both amazing and I'm glad you have such passion in them and take so much joy from them.

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