Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Atlas Shrugged

I thought I would be the only one who would appreciate an "Atlas Shrugged" inspired piece of jewelry. Boy, was I wrong... The response has been fantastic! I am tickled silly that so many of you are admirers of Miss Rand's masterpiece. 

I created two more pieces to add to my (soon to be yours) "Atlas Shrugged" collection. They are both one-of-a kind, meaning...I only made one each. I will post both of the pieces this weekend. 

The first piece is called "Hank's Gift" designed in honor of my favorite character, of course, Dagny Taggart. One of my favorite scenes in the entire book is the scene where Hank buys that gorgeous necklace for Dagny, clasps it around her neck, and tells her to wear it for him because it gives him pleasure. I love the concept of enjoying luxuries because one has worked hard for them and one deserves it, and despise the concept of empty illusions of pleasure like the party Dagny's mother threw for her to introduce her to society, in which people aimlessly loiter celebrating nothing and enjoying no one. 

Speaking of those kinds of people, the second piece is dedicated to LIllian Reardon. I know, I know, why create a piece for the antogonist of the story? Well, I'll tell you why. Because she is beautiful, regardless. Empty, lonely, hateful, and shockingly beautiful, and so the second piece is called "Lilly"

"I swear by my life and my love for it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."


  1. One of a kind! Yikes it is truly great to have meaning to the common saying. By making only one of each piece means you're not doing this simply for the money. On the other hand it is very saddening to only have one item made. Too many people want your jewelry!

    Are you going to make more of the Atlas Shrugged or is this necklace a part of the one of a kind series?

  2. Yeah, I'd like to know if you're going to make another Atlas Shrugged Necklace! I want one so bad!

    And I wish I had money so I could jump at those one of a kind pieces, but whoever gets them is going to be one lucky duck! I hope they understand this and take great care of the jewelry. :D

    Your blog is really great. I always love reading it and seeing your new jewelry. Thank you for being so creative, so honest, and an altogether great person. :)

  3. I only had one of each of those charms in the orignial" Atlas Shrugged". That's why I only could make one. However, "Dagny's Gift" and "Lilly" are similar in style. You'll see:)

  4. Sounds beautiful, can't wait to see them!

  5. I hope I'm able to snatch up "Lilly" for my little one with the same name :)