Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goodbye Winter

Icicles crashing,
toes warming,
stay inside with me tonight.


  1. Wow! The Atlas Shrugged sold out already! Yay Meg! The new stuff looks great. Very creative.

  2. The Atlas Shrugged Necklace is sooooo cool! I want one! Keep making more jewelry! They're always so creative and beautiful. :D

  3. The Atlas Shrugged necklace looks AWESOME. And the Goodbye Winter earrings actually look rather cool as well. Although it can kinda be said for all of them, steampunk rocks :D

  4. Love the Atlas Shrugged Necklace. It's really pretty!

  5. Meg. My Name is Marcos DeHaro. I am a huge fan! not just your music. but your creativity. you don't know how lucky you are, being able to produce your wonderful creativity on different mediums. I really look up to you because of that. Even though im not an "artist" as much as i am a designer.
    Many people all over the world go there whole lives not knowing the feeling you get when you express yourself. I plan on buying everything you guys have. music, clothing, jewelry, (even though im a guy).
    Im a die hard fan of Meg&Dia.
    please dont lose touch of your creative spark.
    I would hate to see ANY of you be as corrupt as the majority of the "artists" of today.
    ill be a huge fan forever. so ill see if your still you!

    <3 a huge fan
    (not fanatic)
    -Marcos A. DeHaro

  6. dangit, why did i just now find out about this blog? like everyone has said, "atlas shrugged" is amazing. i wish i was able to snatch it up.

  7. I only saw the Atlas Shrugged necklace right now. I'm so upset I missed out on it! That's my favorite book of all time!
    And Meg, if you happen to read this, is there any chance you could make a "goodbye winter" earring with clip-ons? Those earrings are so beautiful, my favorite of your pieces thus far, but I don't have pierced ears.

  8. Hi Kim. Sure I can make them clip ons! In your order, just specify in the notes that you'd like clip ons.


  9. hey meg. idk if its possible, but could you make jewerly for guys please
    idk how thatll work-but makin guyER jewerly would be amazing!!
    im already gonna buy rockin out chandler :D
    ( sorry for makin it complaicated :/ )

  10. Absolutely!! That's a great idea. I'll start working on something... In the mean time, Do you have anything in mind?

  11. i was thinking-maybe crazy copper sunglasses?
    copper rings (you designed, of course) on necklace chains.
    copper bangels that open and close on the wrists.

    symbolism is a perfect theme.
    use lines or points in your music to help with charm bracelets, neckalces and such.

    the possibilities are endless :D

  12. neckalces with gears (going away),
    black wedding rings (black wedding),
    teddy bear with its arms open (hug me),
    copper heart, brain, and ear charm bracelets/necklaces (here, here and here),
    copper paint brushes of all sizes for a necklace (masterpiece),
    nineteen star charm bracelet (nineteen stars)...

    there are just soooo many things!! XD!!!
    im soooo excited!!

    thank you!!

  13. @MAD_Designs I was at Home Depot the other day thinking: I should buy stuff to make the manliest jewelry, but all I could think of was a ring with screws sticking out of it...which probably could be classified as a weapon. I'm sure Meg will think of more creative and legal designs.