Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Custom Orders

If you'd like me to make something special for that "someone special", let me know.  I will be taking custom orders from today up until the 3rd, so I can have time to ship them out to you and because Dia and I are flying out to Portland to play our first show of the year the next day!

E-mail to before placing your order. After we have an e-mail convo about whether or not I can make the design, then place your order selecting "Valentine's Day". All orders are $40.00

And please, if you don't have a date on Valentine's day, don't mope. Been there done that! I suggest, candles, and hot bath, and an old movie. You'll be fine:)

Honestly, Meg

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  1. Imma mope anyway, cause my bff and I like the same guy.