Saturday, February 5, 2011

The All of It

Dear friends,

The first show of the year in Portland went fantastic! Great Thai food at Thai Ginger near campus, such kind people. Dia was dressed up in a giant coat that went down to her ankles all weekend. She looked like a giant purple marshmallow. She was walking around campus saying, "Please accept me to your planet earthlings" in a nasal robot voice, all the while bending her arms stiffly at the elbows and thrusting them about in sharp movements. Gotta love that chica!

But this blog isn't about that. I wanted to let you guys know about an incredible book I read on the plane. I heard some random woman, who was supposed to be this great artist, being interviewed on NPR, and she was raving about this book.

It's 145 pages. It's a bit old-fashioned in style, and the beginning throws you off a little. But once I got into it, I read the whole thing in one sitting, smiling, laughing, crying, and generally feeling lifted up.
     There is this one part of the book in which the main character Enda is recalling the past tragedies that had happened in her life. She said something like: she doesn't like to "dwell on any one sad instance". She needs to connect the past, present, and future, bind them all together so that she knows where she's been, what she's doing, and where she is going, so that she can look at the big picture. It stirred a deep emotion within me that I haven't felt in a long time. It was just so touching. If any of you are looking for a "worth-while" read, read "The All of It" by Jeannette Haien.      
     While we were in Portland, we drove past this little thrift shop called "Yesterday and Tomorrow". It reminded me about that part in the book. I think it would make an excellent album title. What do you think?



  1. I might just have to read that when I finally finish Sherlock Holmes. Ask Alyce, I'm always reading it. I would have loved to see Dia dressed like that xD

  2. I've heard of that book.
    my mom says its a really good one.

    I dont think ive heard of that store-i LOVE thrift shops.
    my mom used to live in portland, im surprised i never heard of it.

    gotta check it out-the book too

    im feelin that name ;D
    (oh-and thanks for the manlier jewelry btw! wonderful start!)

  3. Oh my goodness, Dia. Hahahaha. That would have been a fantastic sight to behold. I'm glad that you two had a great time.

    I love the idea of "Yesterday & Tomorrow" for an album title. It has so many things it could mean, especially the one you mentioned from the book. I think it's brilliant.

    Also. I should read that. I haven't read anything in awhile it would be nice to start again.

    I love Dagny's Gift. You did a beautiful job. I can't believe that Kenny would buy it for me. So thank you to you both. I will be posting a video soon. :)

    Keep On Keepin' On!

  4. It sounds so satisfying to hear that you guys had a fantastic first show. And I actually think I've been to that thrift store in Portland. It does indeed have a great name.
    On a side note, Meg, I told you forever ago (before the year ended) that I took some photos of your lovely jewelry. I'm not sure why I became so lazy about it, but I finally got around to uploading them to my Flickr account ( They're all labeled so you're free to ask if you'd like me to send the high quality files to you in an email. Or even all of them if you'd like. I hope you like them! I'd be happy to take more at any time if you ever need photo assistance. Nick seems to have it covered, though. His photos are wonderful.

  5. Dia sounds rather silly =] It would be even better if you had a cell phone video or what not to share! Additionally, I am happy to hear each of you had a good time and good food, that is absolutely a win win combination.

    The book sounds like a great read, your memory and explanation of it has me yearning for the emotional connection which I can ponder and reflect on.

    "Yesterday and Tomorrow" sounds good. I believe the title has is some sort of style and connection to past releases. This title has the capacity to signify many different things and the one you’ve provided us seems like a nice one already.

  6. Kalli,

    Those pictures are great! Can you send me XII?


  7. Have you ever heard of You can post reviews, books you've read, books you'd like to read, etc. on there. And you can connect with friends and view what they're reading. I highly recommend it and would love to check out some of the books you're always mentioning!