Sunday, February 27, 2011

Charlie the Owl

Charlie you're a quiet one
Would you like to be with me?
I could read a page to you
while you sit atop your tree.

I could feed you raspberries
If you could fit them in your beak
I'd like to tell you lots of things
Would you like to be with me?

I'd like to know what owls think
Because they live so simply.


  1. Aw, Charlie's a cutie!

  2. Two weeks and I will have money for Charlie. I don't think I can wait that long.

  3. Kudos to you and Nick! I enjoyed watching the video blog. It is nicely done. The editing, the camera angles, the music, and the humor all worked well. However there is one thing that has me just a wee-bit curious. My culinary eyes spy a pasta maker/roller in your work station. May I ask why?

    Oh yeah, Charlie looks like a yummy cookie. I'd eat, I mean BUY Charlie.

  4. loved the video post, what was the song playing in the background - really pretty?

  5. Was the ring you were wearing the one you mentioned on the tumblr blog? It's gorgeous (:

  6. The pasta machine is for mixing colors of clay. Good eye!

    The song in the background is gorgeous isn't it? It's called "Rise" by Azure Ray.

    Yes, it's the same ring. Blue topaz and champagne diamonds. A gift from Teapot, a sweet girlfriend of mine:)

  7. Yo, Kenny. Pasta rollers are good for flattening the pasta and mixing colours. So much easier then doing it yourself. *is a clay person*

  8. i just saw the video and it makes me excited to see you guys in concert in simi valley on march 25th! which reminds me, are you selling them at your concerts?

  9. Yes. I will be selling chandlers at all of our concerts

  10. Dear Ms. Meg Frampton,

    (Is that too formal? :))
    Anywho, I'm interested in where you find inspiration for each piece.
    I like to get creative from time to time, and I'm sort of going through this dry period. I just can't seem to find any motivation.
    Thought I'd ask and reach out for help. No hard feelings if there is no reply. Assume you are busy, and that you get bothered enough by random fans anywho.

    Take care!

  11. Hi Min Lee,

    I get inspired by what inspires me. I love the book Atlas Shrugged. I love the adventure, the determination. It makes me want to design trains and new york sky scraper jewelry. Sometimes I go online and look at other artists' work, sometimes it's a cloud, or some dirty laundry on the floor make a particular shape. Just always be looking for it. It will find you.


  12. The owl is beautiful. I am actually a big fan of owls; I once interned at the PR department at the Bronx Zoo and I would have lunch with this one gorgeous owl everyday.
    I had been eyeing Charlie, wishing I could buy it as a birthday present to myself (my b-day is this coming Friday). But I promised to get my younger sister tickets to a concert of her favorite bands, and thus by-passed this wonderful piece. However, my lovely sister Mary threw a package my way today and simply told me, "It's one of your birthday presents." And wrapped in blue tissue paper was Charlie. And a smile spread my face. He reminds me so much of my little owl buddy.

  13. Meg,
    I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. That's actually the approach I've been taking. I've been looking at your creations (along with other creations online) and they are really motivating (sorry, not trying to brown-nose). I've followed your music for a few years now, and one thing I really appreciate is that you guys seem very down to earth. I think fans usually give "celebrities" this mystical sense that anything they touch turns into art. I find it more motivating that "normal people" can create and get the people around them excited.

    Ha, I hope that makes a little sense. Just a random thought.

    Either way, I hope all is well.