Thursday, March 10, 2011

CTR News and Updates

You guys are better at updating my blog then I am! That's why you all are the best! Thank you. Thank you.

-We recently did a stellar interview with (Thanks for reminding me Kalli) You can check out that here:
(I sort of call Carlo out for drinking too much Korean beer in it, but he still loves me)

-I have uploaded a lot of "never-before-seen" photos to my flickr account, as well as the "Atlas Shrugged" pieces that some of you have been asking me about. My flickr photo stream is here: 

 This is the "Chandler Group" photo stream site:
I love, love LOVE seeing the cute photos you guys put up of Chandler, and so does everyone else, so please put them up at your earliest convenience.

Let's see...

-I will now be doing customized pieces, anything your little heart desires, whether it is for you, a friend, or a loved one. Throw it at me. Just as long as it's not reconstructing the Eiffel Tower in jewelry form, I think I can handle it. There may be a price adjustment if the piece takes little time or if it is a more complicated idea. Mostly the price will remain the same. Please email me: with inquiries and we can work out the details. I will begin working on the piece after you place your order. To order a customized piece, simply use the shopping cart on this blog and choose the "customized piece for you" option.

-Meg and Dia will have new merch soon. I will let you guys be the first to know, and I'll post the storenvy site when that time comes.

-As for now, the Rock For Justice tour is still happening. (Can I just mention here how sad I am that we are not playing South by Southwest anymore?! Oh well.) We should know in a few days about the certainty of the RFJ tour

-We just got our final mixes of the new album back from Charlie (our producer) a couple days ago. I'm SO excited to release this album. I came up with the album title. I just wanted you all to know that, and you will know the title and the concept behind it very soon!!!

O.K. I don't think I left out anything.


P.S. I love the questions you guys asked me. I'm excited to do this video blog!

P.P.S. I'm leaving you with a pic of my toaster oven. Yes, this is where all the "magic" happens!


  1. Yeah! How exciting! I can't wait to create an idea for a customized piece, hehe! I'll put my brain to work ;)

    Ooh, I want to get my hands on Rockin' Out Chandler! Let us know when it's available.

    Ah, so that's where the magic of the jewelry is baking at!

    Can't wait to hear the name of the album & concept! P.S I luv the song "The Place Where I Feel Most Like Me". You girls have to tour in France!

  2. haha, anytime Meg! (:
    And wow I had no idea there was a toaster oven involved in your jewelry making. So interesting.

  3. How long have you guys been working on the new album, and do you have a release date yet?

  4. Just remembered that I wanted to ask whether you used GarageBand on the new album.

  5. Hehe, toaster oven?! 0_o

    Very unexpected, yet practical. What are the two squares underneath the baked goods? Is it reusable and nonstick?

  6. I loved the HalfKorean interview. This sounds SUPER creepy, but I liked reading about your family. (I'm not a stalker, I PROMISE! Ha!)
    It's because I have a Korean background, and I like hearing how other families with Korean members deal with living in America. I'm super glad to hear your family is close, and that you guys take care of your mother.
    I'm actually teaching in Korea right now, so I kind of know what it's like to leave your home and start a new life in a different country. I appreciate my parents even more for leaving their home, their comfort zone, in an attempt to give me a better life. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for them early on.

    Sorry to bother you with my random thoughts.
    I hope all is well! :)