Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dude Bots

Hello friends,

I have been getting a lot of requests lately for more "male-friendly" pieces. Now I'm not picking on any of you for suggesting this option. I love the idea. Joey the Robot with Headphones was my answer for a more "male-friendly" piece, however it seems that's not quite what a lot of you dudes have been looking for.

Will some of you boys and men please shed some light on what would be a more "male-friendly" piece? Does the chain need to be thicker? Should there be less color variation? Not so much of a "character" and more of an object?

Let me take a little peek into your masculine minds:)

Your comments are greatly appreciated,


  1. Hi Meg,

    People say your pieces look cute. As a guy you don't want it to look cute. Maybe rough them up a bit and use darker colours.

    Hope this helps:)

  2. I think the chains should be a bit bigger and a bit shorter. As a guy, I really like Joey the Robot with headphone, but I think you should use darker colors like black or brown or grey...
    Hope this help because I'd really like to buy one and support you :)

  3. Oh I forgot, you could give Chandler the robot a dress. Ha ha!!

    I'm sure whatever you come up with, we'll like it:)

  4. Ross the Robot is still my favorite piece of yours. I just thought that whole gadgety/functional watch/compass idea was brilliant. Still loving my Ross!

  5. i dont think the thickness of the chain matters as much as its length (should be shorter). I would also like to see Joey (headphone version) should rock a majestic beard. A superhero bot would be cool too.

  6. All the guys just need to man up and wear something that girls might consider "cute" a true man will wear whatever he wants with pride and confidence and that's all!

  7. I believe the situation people are in determines what they are looking for. A short chain will fit a more active lifestyle while being a less flashy. With a long chain the piece will dangle all over and surely be noticeable. As for thickness, it is more or less a preference. Maybe you can provide and sell an alternate chain according to the length or gauge individuals want. Additionally, I think guys would prefer a pendant with non-moving parts.

    Well, I hope this helps. Those were just a bunch of thoughts and perhaps generalizations.

    P.S. It is not all that often we run into robots with hair. So here is an idea to solve the rare siting. ;) I think you should make another robot which has a spiky Mohawk and name it Kenny. =O

  8. i wouldn't wear anything with a giant heart on it

    call it insecurity or whatever you want lol

    I'd rock out a sherbot holmes If I wasn't so poor

  9. What would be a really cool idea would be like music superhero. The idea of him being a superhero who saves music from villains This can have like C on the chest for Chandler. Make it have like a black cape, and it can have a pretty nice 80's hairstyle.

    Or in general, since you have made something that isn't Chandler based, like the camera, it would be cool to make something like a globe, or something with like a leather coating and a metal peace to it. You know what I mean. Like a leather wrapping around the chain would be a really cool idea, and the necklace itself can have like a ring on it, or better yet it can have Chandler rocking out with a guitar. That would be really cool.