Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Melancholy Margaret

I promised you would meet Melancholy Margaret, and here she is!

Melancholy Margaret came about by a custom request. (This is one of the reasons why I love getting custom requests from you guys, because they give me great ideas for the future). My friend ordered a custom piece for his mom for mother's day. He sent me this image: 
If any of you know the artist or where the original image can be found, please send me the link and let me know. I would love to give the artist credit on my blog. 

The request was to make her look like she was "made from metal", so instead of the white body, I chose the silver that I make "Rachael the Robot" out of. I was going to make a striped "leg" for her to stand on, but then I thought the wire wrapping would add a nice "roboty" touch. 

When it came to the wheel, I wasn't sure how I should go about it. I was also thinking about how I was going to do the bows. I could have made the wheel and the bows out of polymer clay, but I decided that this project would be the perfect piece to implement other materials. So, I experimented with several materials and buttons, until I found some that I loved and I thought went with the piece.

Having a challenge like this is one of the reasons why I love designing jewelry. I get to take an idea, and put my spin on it and throw back out there.

Robot pendant is 3" tall, and is made from polymer clay, antique copper, beads, plaid fabric, and little black buttons


  1. She looks very different. A very different species. What was your inspiration behind her?

  2. Thanks for your question Sophie. I added the answer to my post:)

  3. From my first glance I thought the bows on her head were pom poms and her arms were legs and that it was pooping out a weird turd. Then I quickly realized I was wrong. Yeah I'm weird.

    I think it looks more sad than creepy.

  4. Creepy, but in a good-weird way

  5. She is creepy, but still really nice :)

  6. Very nice, I want one! You do amazing work! I'm so sad though, I lost my Chandler that I got from one of your shows...hope he turns out soon.

  7. Hello Margaret and of course Meg. I'm honored to be your 200th follower on this blog(cues-yays and confetti extravaganza). Can't wait to see more of your beautiful creations.