Friday, April 15, 2011

Lonely Hearts Chandler's New Girlfriend

Lonely Heart's Chandler will have a new robot necklace girlfriend. Her name is Melancholy Margaret. He will will invite her over to dinner on Tuesday to meet you. Their broken hearts are what they had in common before, but after they found each other they have broken hearts no more.

I used new materials, buttons and fabric, for the first time on Margaret.

Below is a sneak peak of her little button toes...

She is very excited to meet you!


  1. Awww...that's so sweet! I can't wait to see how she looks like!

  2. If Chandler decides to have another gf can she be named Janice?
    "Oh my...God hahaahaaa" :)

  3. Ha hahaha! O.k. So I'm totally going to make a Janice necklace in the near future. Love it!

  4. LOL oh yesss, please make a Janice! She would just complete everything. There are just endless possibilities for this set of characters... a Mike for Phoebe, a Richard for Monica (he must have a 'stache!)... goodness. I would especially love to see a Gunther! Hah!
    Sorry, I love Friends so all this talk is making me a little too excited! :D