Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review of "Cocoon" by Live Music Guide

This is a great review by Live Music Guide. If you would like to see the review on their site you can read that here:

Meg & Dia 

Sister fronted band Meg & Diarecorded and released their latest album Cocoon this month. Completely free from the influence of record labels, the album captures what the band is truly striving for in their creative process, and has already been met with popular demand.

Following the new found sound of their recent EP It's Always Stormy in Tillamook, Meg & Dia have created a full length adventure into a folk style that demonstrates how much their tastes and talent have matured over their musical career. Soothing guitar and piano riffs are frequent in the album, accompanying melodies and choruses that manage to invite the listener along into a far more personal experience. "Love Is" starts the album off, and demonstrates the lyrical and instrumental style to be expected from the following ten tracks. Though it begins soft, a steady bass line and drum beat accompany a chanting and clapping chorus that power the song through.

While a majority of the album follows the folk sound Meg & Dia have adopted so well, songs like "Mary Ann" manage to blend in their pop-rock roots for a very dynamic product. The song greatly captures a southern/western feel, and the catchy lyrics will undoubtedly force any listener to find themselves singing along. The album reaches a stunning climax with the song "Separate" that well demonstrates the various styles of dramatic and altogether haunting music and lyrics that are inherent over the course of the record. After three minutes of gentle and captivating music, the band breaks out into what is easily one of their most intense song segments ever conceived.

The album wraps up with an 'angsty' tune that is driven by Dia's ever powerful vocals, guided by progressive guitar riffs, but contained by beautiful choruses. The compilation of efforts in Cocoon result in a very enjoyable listening experience. Meg & Dia not only adopted their new sound well, but will certainly pave the way for fans and newcomers alike to find interest and entertainment in the realms of folk and blues style music.

 Photo Courtesy: Amber Wade
Main Photo: Cover of Co coon, courtesy Meg & Dia


  1. I feel the same way about the album! I've really enjoyed listening to your music. The lyrics are momentous and your voices are so magnetic! I've even gotten my coworkers to love it as much as I do :)

  2. I really luv this album! I luv how it has that western flare to it. I was happy to hear your voice in this album not to say that I was getting tired of Dia's voice hehe, but it was nice for a change! Do you guys plan to do a music video for this album?

  3. We would really like to do a music video, especially Dia. She loves doing them. We will have to see...

  4. This album is amazing. It's been my favorite one so far. I have it on repeat in my car to and from school :)