Monday, April 18, 2011

Free Download of "Weeding Through the Rubble"

Only because some of you requested it, I recorded my new song "Weeding Through the Rubble" in my home studio (a.k.a garage band on my laptop). Thank you for listening:)

Weeding Through the Rubble


  1. Thanks for giving us the goods!

    This new make over looks nice. I thought your blog exploded about an hour or two ago. I told myself "no, don't email Meg" there must be a reason for the madness! So I waited. Pressing refresh periodically seemed to have magically fixed it all ;)

  2. Kenny,

    Ha ha. It's so funny. While I was re-doing everything on my blog, I thought about how you were probably watching it, that's why I was trying to do it as quick as possible. Hilarious!

  3. Ah thanks so much Meg! Time to blast this little tune in my car all summer :).

    Hope Austin is treating you well!

  4. Thanks for the free download Meg!

  5. Haha! I haven't been able to check your blog as much as I normally do over the past week and a half. 20 units this spring quarter keeps me busy, but yesterday I checked multiple times after I got home. I was trying to procrastinate and avoid any form of academic work. Anyhow, don't worry about me! (^_^) I enjoy seeing works in progress as well as the final result. I didn't see "anything" besides a different picture and maybe a typo or two. I like the current picture, because it feels more personal opposed to being professional.

    If your blog has a view counter, my number must be embarrassingly high >__< . I probably bump up the number by 5 to 3570987 times a day!