Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Senses Friday

One of the blogs that I read, Abby Trys Again,  by Abby Powell, uses "Five senses Friday" as way to sit down and reflect on what the past days have been like for her. I decided to try it out on my own blog, and if you have one yourself I encourage you to give it a go.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the first time since I was a kid.
A carrot cake I baked for Nick's birthday today
"Meg and Dia playing" on the stereo whenever we walk into a friend's bar because he's a nerd!
Carrot cake fresh from the oven
The sacred air from our air-conditioner that is finally working.

And here's a photo of us celebrating Nick's birthday:)



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  2. Happy Birthday to Nick! :) AHH I've commented on your blog soooo many times! Stop me if it seems creepy!

  3. What a nice idea! Great way to relect on the week. And is there anything better than carrot cake! Delicious!! :)

    And Nick if you read this Happy Birthday!

  4. Not creepy! I love reading comments. I'm sad when you don't comment Grace!

  5. I read this and then it made me really want to make carrot cake. So I went downstairs and gathered all the ingredients then realized we were out of carrots.

  6. Just started readin ur blog, five sense friday is an awesome idea i think i want to try. LOL Roger Rabbit, just rewatched that this year. Great movie and probably only time u will see disney and warner cartoons together.

  7. Woah Emilie, you were going to make it from scratch?! I'm impressed. ha ha. I made it Betty Crocker style. Still delicious though...

    And Krist, that's what we were talking about when we saw Roger know, how weird it was to see Donald Duck and Daffy duck together. ha ha

  8. That five senses idea is pretty sweet. I may try it on my blog next Friday!

  9. Haha definitely. That last scene with all the characters made miss all the old cartoons i use to watch as a kid.