Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chandler 3.P.O

First of all...on behalf of myself and Meg and Dia, "Dia, we are SO proud of you. Congratulations!"

In honor of Star Wars Day, I'm releasing the newest version of Rockin' Out Chandler: Chandler 3.P.0.

 Rockin' Out Chandler has been unavailable for awhile, but now he's back and better than ever. I designed this Rocking Out Chandler to be slightly smaller and I had the metal made to be a slightly more "antique" shade of copper. 

Make sure to check out Dia wearing Chandler 3.P.0 on NBC's "The Voice"


  1. Oh my gosh! It's super cute! His eyes pops out! I'm so tempted to get it!

  2. Ah, that's wonderful! He looks short, which is a pretty cute feature.
    And Meg, did you know that it just happens to be Star Wars day on the same day you have posted this?
    May the 4th be with you!! hahah

  3. Couldn't resist just bought this beautiful piece and will be the perfect present for a dear friend.
    Thank You

  4. I just wrote you a super long comment and Google lost it! Gah, I should have known better since I've been writing essays all day and night recently. Should have saved it as I was writing.

    Long story short, I have been saving A BUNCH this month. I'll be sending you details on my ideas for a custom piece sometime soon. As for Dia and The Voice, she must have had the fastest turn around! She wowed Blake pretty gosh darn good for a 9 second turn around.

  5. Thanks Eric!

    Kenny, I know. It kind of surprised me too, but that just means he LOVED her, which he should!

  6. i can't believe i didn't notice Dia wearing one of your necklaces! looks great. i'm buying one RIGHT NOW! :)

  7. I wasn't going to buy another Chandler because I've already got a small army, but he's so cute... so I'm giving in to temptation.

    If it turns out that your robots are actually going to take over the world then I think I'm going to have a problem.

    I'm really proud of Dia! I found a way to get NBC on my laptop so we're all set.

  8. Chandler 3.P.O, lol. That's awesome.