Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

I made myself spaghetti for dinner. Why does it seem like I'm always making spaghetti and then writing about it on my blog...Anyway, I try to budget in these hard times, and so I dine in. The ironic part of the situation is that my food is so terrible I feel I must drive somewhere to find a delicious dessert to make up for my bland meal. My dessert standards are high, so I usually spend about as much on the sweet treat as I would have on a meal. 

Take tonight for instance. I drove all the way to South Congress for a $6.00 white chocolate and raspberry shake from Hotdoddy's. I didn't know it was going to be $6.00, but I'd pay it anyway because that puppy was worth it! While sipping on my over-priced milkshake I happened to walk by a miniature craft fair. South Congress hosts this event called "First Thursday". Basically, all the shops and restaurants on the street stay open later and offer free drinks, and there's live music. You know, the whole shebang. I had completely forgotten about first Thursday, but since I was here I decided this would be a great opportunity to connect with the locals and see if I could figure out how to get a booth for "Chandler the Robot" sometime in the future.

I scouted out all of the vendors in their booths to try and pick out a friendly one. I spotted a lady behind the booth right next to the busy street (her proximity to the street should have warned me about her snobbiness). She looked nice enough. She was dressed in a royal blue silk number, had bright red hair and matching lipstick. I decided I would get straight to the point instead of pretending to admire her over-priced jewelry. I went straight up to her and asked her still sipping on my melting ice cream, "Excuse me, I make jewelry too! Whaddaya know? Do you know how I might go about getting a booth in this fine fair?" 

She peeked up at me underneath her thick lashes. I felt her silently sizing me up starting at my cut off denim shorts and stopping at my messy pony tail. "Oh, we are all full, and the waiting list will take months. You should go try down the street at so-and-so fair." And then she pretended to organize her UGLY jewelry on the table. 

Now, if this had happened to me even a year ago I would have silently sulked back to my car lost in the parking lot, but not the Meg I am now! No. "Oh, all right, thanks for nothing ya big pile of crap!" I said. O.k. I didn't really say that. It was more like, "Thank you mam." and then I walked away. 

But, I didn't turn back to my car. I went straight into the tiny city of booths filled with baby-onesies and water-color portraits. I decided to be a bit more strategic this time about who I asked for information. I picked a booth that wasn't very busy. The girl standing behind the table looked to be about my age. She didn't look "stuck up" in anyway, kind of on the "shy" and "cute" side of the spectrum. 

"Excuse me, Do you know how I might go about getting a booth here at this street fair".

She hardly skipped a beat before she chirped cheerfully, "Sure, go ask for Charlie next door at Juanita's. Here's his number in case he isn't there and also his e-mail address..."


Wasn't expecting that. I told her about the other quite unpleasant woman. She nodded in understanding, "Yup, kind of like they don't want any new competition. I know. I've been in your shoes before" 

I thanked her for her time and her kindness, tucked the prize business card in my purse,  and realized that if you want something you can't just give up at the first stop light. 

And it's true. Now, everybody...go squeek!



  1. Blue silk on a warm Texas night? I'd imagine she's got some vicious sweat stains.

  2. There's actually a First Friday here in Vegas. It's a pretty crazy atmosphere, but it always makes for an interesting experience.

  3. If you ever need help with food or recipes let me know! If you are using jarred/canned sauces sometimes adding chili flakes on top of your pasta will help or adding some extra seasonings then letting the sauce simmer for a short while might work too! Another option would be to add extras and it wouldn't cost too much either. Garlic bread, Italian sausage, or baked up frozen meatballs all work well.

    As for the vendors, it is all too funny. I wonder is the lady's jewelry really ugly, or are you simply upset? From the description of her attitude it doesn't sound all that nice so you're allowed to be mean to her (on the inside). And the girl who was nice to you, yeah, people like her do exist...

    P.S. Have you managed to get rid of the cigarette/smoke smell from your place?

  4. Glad you found a place to sell them :)

    Hopefully they'll become a popular worldwide thing :)

    P.S you should write a book!
    You're a born story teller :)

  5. do you like pies? you should try cutie pies (cutie pie wagon)! OH YUM! BEST BUTTERMILK PIE EVER. and then there's the trailer food festival in the fall...!!! and and and...