Thursday, June 9, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Dia and "The Voice"

First of all, I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures of Dia, Jade, and I on this past trip. There were so many moments that I wish I had documented, for example the look on Dia's face when she saw herself on t.v. back in the hotel room after the show, and also the look on Nikia's face after he tasted the peanut butter fudge Crumb's cupcake Dia shared with him. I'm planning on taking my camera next Monday when Jade and I fly back to L.A. to watch The Voice announce the contestants who will be staying, and I must say, I am not at all concerned.

After arriving at the airport, The Voice production assistants transported myself as well as Raquel's family to the hotel. 

Then I got lost in the gigantic hotel.

And then I found Jade.

Jade! I haven't seen her since she ran off to college in Arkansas on a tennis scholarship. We continued our happy reunion through the halls of the hotel, down the elevator, and out into the chilly streets of Los Angeles. We wandered all over, only to discover most restaurants were closed. Dia called, and we all decided to feast in the hotel lobby. It was so great to see her. You'd think she would be decked out now that she is becoming "famous". I half expected her to have glitter on her eyes, perfectly manicured nails, and those sky-high heels that are so trendy in California right now, but she didn't. Just like her usual self, she wore a pair of scruffy navy blue sweats, a worn-in Tom Petty baseball Tee, and not even a tad of makeup. She looked great though I must say! Not stressed and anxious like she was last time we flew out. Perhaps, she is finally gaining some confidence.

I woke up at the crack of dawn to hail a cab down to the Fashion district to find some chain for my jewelry. I had completely run out before I left. Because I thought I might miss Dia's performance by some freak construction on the freeway, or maybe because The Voice decided to change times or something, (They do this often) , I was stressed out the whole time. Seven conversations with the cab driver about apple cider vinegar and dark forces later (you know what I'm talking about if you read my tweets), I finally stepped out into the Fashion District.

I promptly paid $.25 to pee, and began my hurried search. I finished in about 20 minutes, decided I've got to find some online suppliers because these business were TERRIBLE with their customers!

A quick ride back to the hotel, (Thank god there wasn't any traffic), and then the waiting game begins.  First there was waiting in the lobby, then there was waiting in the van, then their was waiting in the audience, but...

It was all SO worth it. 

Jade and I impatiently and nervously watched as contestant after contestant strutted their stuff. I have to tell you, I have never been so entertained by a show! And I've been to A LOT of shows, touring and what not. These vocalists were all SO FANTASTIC!

Finally, Jade and I exchanged excited glances as we noticed the production team pushing a beautiful grand piano onto the stage, and a whimsical mist began pouring out from behind the curtains. Dia mentioned something about a piano, and the next contender was a member from Blake's team.

And then I think my heart skipped a beat as I watched Dia, in her calm and royal way, walk out and take a seat at the piano. She had rehearsed in front of Jade and I in our hotel room the night before her t.v. performance, but it was nothing, NOTHING like the real thing.

I couldn't take my eyes away from the giant t.v. screens, she was just beautiful, and captivating, and ...inspiring. It was her "moment." I kept thinking to myself, after all these years of touring and recording and working so hard with Meg and Dia, finally she comes into the spotlight and everyone ELSE gets to see, what myself and the band have known was there all along.

I want to thank the MAD boardies for coming out and supporting. It was so great to see you there. I'm going to be working with Dia and the incredible back up band on the number she will do next, because let's face it, she is going to move on!



  1. I am so incredibly happy for Dia! That clip made me tear up. :)

  2. Woo! Great post. Your gonna work with The Voice's band for Dia's next performance? EPIC. That performance will be the show after next week right? I requested for tickets for that show and hopefully I get em. I didnt get the ones for last show :( .

    Yes I read your tweets and I still find that cab driver thing hilarious ahah. XD

  3. Dia was extremely amazing! I couldn't believe how beautiful she is! She's so breathless when she sings :)

  4. Dia is awesome! I was crying while watching her. I guess I'm just a cry baby. My sister and I love~ Meg and Dia and your songs are so great... So meaningful... I wish all the luck from both of you and your band! <3

  5. I have loved you and your sister for many years. Your albums have gotten me though some very hard times and I completely agree with you, Dia is finally in the spotlight where she belongs. Unfortunately your not up on the stage with her, but one of you is better then none. I am as well extremely proud of her and all the courage she has for this. She has a very good fighting chance to win! She has so much love and fans on her side. :] I'm excited for your next piece! If it is a cowboy I will have to have one!

  6. this post definitely put tears in MY eyes. i dont really watch the show and wasnt a fan (i'm sorry to say) UNTIL i watched Dia sing "heartless." You are absolutely right she is stunning! =) Could NOT take my eyes off her.

    Now thanks to "the voice" (a) I am a fan of not only Dia but Meg & Dia! I even went on itunes and bought some songs! I LOVE your voices and your style! and (b)I found your blog as well and will be purchasing some pieces! Uber cute!

    What great exposure because I'm sure there are many mes out there with the same feeling! =)

  7. I've been in love Meg and Dia ever since i first stole my cousin's i-pod in the 5th grade and listened to "Roses"

    I did everything i could to get updated with you're music ever since.

    Then I unexpectedly turned on the tv to The Voice, not even planning to watch it until i saw Dia.

    I looooooooooved Dia singing "Heartless!!!!!" Her best cover on a song in my opinion, and hopefully everyone else's!!!!! She puts on such haunting and captivating performances.

    No doubt that she's making it to the next round. = D

    Oh! I also spotted your "Take me Away" necklace when she was rehearsing!!!

  8. Wow, that sounds like an incredible experience. Dia really did have her moment, her performance was--as you stated perfectly--inspiring! It's also wonderful to hear that you'll be working with Dia on her next number. We're all so excited for Dia, and cannot wait to see what comes next. I requested tickets earlier today for the finale because I know Dia will be there! If everything works out, hopefully I'll get to watch it live, too. Thanks for the awesome blog, Meg!

  9. It was a pretty awesome moment. I especially enjoyed hearing Dia sing 'I got homies'.

  10. i love the fact that dia is still so down to earth!

    "I'm going to be working with Dia" ARE YOU GOING TO WRITE A SONG, PERFORM WITH DIA!? How i wished carlo, nick and jon is going to join you girls!

  11. Loved your post! I agree with everything you said about Dia and can't wait to hear what you two will be bringing to the next performance show. I've been a fan since I first heard Monster and Cardigan Weather and I'm happy that finally the world is noticing how amazing Dia (and yourself) are.

  12. omg Meg.! i am SOOOO ectatic EVERYTIME i see Dia on tv.
    i have telling my family about Meg&Dia for YEARS now and how much i LOVE you guys insid and out.
    and now-my family gets to see the raw magnificent and beautifully talented power that is Dia.
    it's only a fragment of the simply AMAZING band that i have come to know and love for years and for years to come.!!!
    i wear you jewelry every chance i get and SO many ppl ask where i get em, and i show them the truly amazingly talented and beautiful and famous Chandler The Robot blog for your wonderful designs of simply WONDERFUL jewelry.!!
    im so proud of you all-and im honored just being a HUGE fan of yours.!!
    im gonna get that Coccon cd/neckalce set later next week <3
    Love, Marcos <3

  13. As of today, her song is #17 on i-tunes top 100! :D

    and I believe she was #21 yesterday

  14. I love Meg and Dia! And that rendition of Heartless was just phenomenal!

  15. I love Meg and Dia! And now I love Dia Frampton on the Voice. SO crazy the journey it took to get here! But I am sure it's been soo worth it! I can't wait to see what Meg & Dia have in store next.

    PS. I am really loving your hot air balloon necklace design. Do you sell on etsy?