Saturday, June 25, 2011

Greetings from the Road

Nick and I are having a great time out in the sun. Met a lot of old friends from Warped Tour who are still just as awesome as ever. I'm really siked that I got to snap a few photos with a Chandler I gave 3 0h 3. I will post pictures as soon as I get home.

Side note, how awesome was it to see Dia on Jay Leno last night?! I love her stylist, whoever it is, which is why I will be making her stylist a ninja robot as soon as I get home.

With Chandler being on KSL news (thanks sarah!) and Dia being on The Voice, as you can imagine, I've had quite a few orders this month, so I appreciate your patience in me making them and shipping them out to you. I make each one personally with love and with my own two hands, so please give me at least an extra week to two weeks to send them to you. If you have a birthday or a special occasion coming up, and you need them sooner just contact me through email. I promise in the future it won't be this crazy...or maybe it will:)



  1. I am so happy you are getting the extra exposure for your chandler jewelry it is wonderful, I hope it stays busy, worth the wait!

  2. Take care, you guys! I saw Nick's tweet about Dia inviting him to The Voice finale. You both must be so excited! Thanks for keeping us up to date. :)

  3. Great to hear the news about Dia on the voice and your jewelry :)

    My sister said she'd order a chandler for me on Christmas hahaha :)

  4. Just got my Chandler today! Soo quick too! I just ordered him a few days ago. Thanks Meg! :)

  5. i'm going to use my tip money from work to buy a chandler asap! they're so unique and i love how they are hand made because not only does it add a personal touch but it i can also appreciate all the hard work that went into making them. i always see robot necklaces in stores like forever 21 and i'm like "nooope i want a chandler" haha.