Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I feel like Amelia Bedelia. I bet most of you don't know who SHE is! Well, she's a character from a children's book. She's very absent-minded. That's basically the whole theme of all of the Amelia Bedelia books, to have this character who forgets and mixes up everything. For example, I remember one particular book in which she was trying to make a date cake and cut up a calendar and used that as ingredients instead of the actual fruit. Cute, but scary how much I've been acting like her.

I guess things never get done right when one is in a hurry. I catch myself almost throwing away my jeweler's pliers into the garbage instead of scrap paper, and putting the cereal box in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard.

I've just never been this busy before! Loving it, but I'm still busy nonetheless. I was thinking, as I rode my bike to the post office today, how on earth did my mother run a very impressive-sized business, take care of the house and all the day-to-day, and raise six kids! She is Wonder Woman. I'm having a hard enough time trying to find my way around grocery store aisles.

I've got the Texas Warped Tour dates coming up, which I'm SO excited for. I'm so glad that Nick is going to be my helper. I remember the first few years Meg and Dia did Warped Tour, and Dia and I were pushing my amps across parking lots and fields of dead grass to the stages. Ha ha. Those were the days, and it wasn't like I was using my little fender amps that I'm using now. I was using my punk rock marshall amps, which are bigger than me! Well, now Nick and I are going to be lugging around a 10 X 10 foot royal blue tent and tubs of handmade robot jewelry. My how the tables have turned.

Also, I'm gearing up to fly out to L.A. to be with Dia on The Voice. I can't tell you how tickled I am that she chose me to be her "support family member". I mean, I seem like an obvious choice (being as we are in the same band and all) but we really do have 4 other adorable sisters to choose from. Jade will be with me as well. I'm really ecstatic to see her. I'm going to try and slip away from The Voice for a few hours to shop around in the "Fashion District". They have fabulous jewelry supplies and selections there, and I need plenty more supplies to prepare for Warped Tour.

On top of this, I'm working behind the scenes for Meg and Dia. Those "Be Careful. I love you. Stay in Touch" download cards flew out of my hands so fast! If you didn't get one. Don't worry. We saved some for later, just keep an eye out for those in perhaps a few months.

Also, I've been super busy designing my little punk rock robot. I've never done a "limited edition" before. I'm mostly excited about this project. I think it will make each one unique and special simply because I'm only making 50 of them total, and each one will be numbered. This guy is my new favorite!

Do you see how even this blog jumps from subject to subject? I swear, lucky you guys don't have to have a speaking conversation with me. I've been confusing Nick like crazy. Poor guy. Ha ha



  1. I used to read Amelia Bedelia! I'm getting flashbacks now haha
    I'm gonna be at the Houston warped date too! Long story, but it's kinda my reward for doing well in school this year. I wanna see Austin, so we're going there too. Very exciting!
    Weird music is good. So are random blogs.
    When I want to relax I just throw away everything I'm supposed to be working on and go to the beach or something. If I try to work on things ever day I get really irritable. Being busy sucks, last week of school...

  2. SHE WAS MY FAVORITE AS A CHILD! i also loved the amelia notebook books, and madeline! :) <3

  3. Emilie,

    You are coming to Warped Tour Houston AND Austin! I'm so stoked. You have to come say hi to me!

  4. I'm probably going to go to the live show next week. I'm so stoked that I may see you and Dia!

  5. Hah! Good thing I am not most people... I know miss Amelia Bedelia!

    Good luck and have fun with all the upcoming events Meg. Make sure you're keeping a good eye on your possessions (merch+money) while selling stuff. There are shady people who will cheat you and steal!

  6. At first I thought you were right, but then it all came back to me when you mentioned the cake story ha. I enjoy reading your blog in all its glory and randomness. Good luck with your busy-ness, and i am looking forward to the punk rock robot. Hope I get to see you guys perform one day!

  7. I loved Amelia Bedelia! Her books were always so funny. I remember when she made a dress out of the drapes.

    My cat's name is Ophelia but we call her Ophelia Bedelia because she's kind of a scatter brained cat.

  8. Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia was the best :D
    Good luck with all, I am way sad I missed out on the Punk rock robot....oh well, will try harder next time :D