Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is Green Jaded?

My little sister, Jade, is the easiest house guest I have ever had to accommodate. She does all the dishes, pays for my gas, and most importantly helps me out with Chandler the Robot. This is the 2nd time Jade has visited me here in Austin. Her first impression wasn't the best. You know that saying, "Keep Austin Weird?" Well, if you don't, it's sort of like Austin's slogan. Anyway, I showed her the "weird" side of Austin and then some. I pretty much scared her out of the city.

This trip was a bit more low key. Before she arrived, I had been archiving all the recipes that I know I won't screw up. She made a comment one day at lunch, "You don't cook anything like mom." I don't think that was a compliment. My mom cooks gourmet traditional korean along with some old-fashioned mormon meals she picked up from my grandmother that are "melt-in-your mouth" delicious. (Those mormon women know how to cook a mean casserole!) I've been getting by so far with frozen potatoes, frozen pizza, and this pepperoni sandwich deal (which doesn't include any "frozen" ingredients, but does only include three ingredients total).

Jade has had the past few days to observe my living situation. She seems pleased with my roommates collection of dvds (mostly the Friend's box-set, duh!). She's moving into her own place and out of the dorms next fall, and since she's been staying with me, she decided that the only house wares she will seriously invest in is good silverware and good quality cups, since we've managed to break every single fork and glass in our apartment during the duration of her stay.

She asked if she could help me out with Chandler the Robot, so I started her out with menial tasks, mostly counting bags and postcards in preparation for Warped Tour this month. Then I got her going on some more complicated endeavors. I put her in charge of "antiquing" the copper. I set her up with liver of sulfur, a strainer, and some plastic bowls, and showed her how the process works. I placed some robot arms and legs in her palm. She squealed in delight,

"They are SO cute!"
"You think coiled copper wire is cute?" I questioned dubiously. "How bout' I open up the t.v. in the living room and let you see all the coils and wires inside? Bet you'd think that was adorable?"

I returned to my jewelry table, and a few moments later I hear...

"Wow! That's incredible. The copper changes color instantly!" and on and on...

I guess I've just become so used to the process. It was a new insight to have someone else be impressed by all the jewelry techniques I have acquired. Made me feel, once again, like a mad scientist.

After a couple days, Jade began making subtle comments about my lifestyle, comments one would expect from a mother not a kid sister.

I found her intently looking over a card stock card I use to measure the robot's legs and arms. Nick wrote me a cute note along the margin. "Yeah, he writes them to me all the time." I said nonchalantly. I could feel her burning glare right through my hunched over back. "What?" I said, as I met her burning stare. I stumbled as I tried to make an excuse for why I didn't return the cute favors my guy does for me. So, she and I worked out a plan to leave a note for him in a pair of khaki shorts in his closet. Of course, he grabbed them out of the closet hours later, the note tumbled onto the floor unnoticed, and I had to innocently and awkwardly inqure, "Hey Nick...What is this strange crumpled note paper that just fell out of your pocket?"

Well, I tried.

After we hit the "Cathedral of Junk" here in town (I'll post pics of this later that will explain what the heck I'm talking about) Jade, Nick, and I will be chatting publicly on Fear to Faith t.v. tonight at 10 central time I believe, if you'd like to stop by and join the crazy conversation.

To connect with Jade: @isgreenjaded,,,

As always, honestly,


  1. Glad to hear you guys are having fun!
    I'm coming to explore Austin just two weeks, hopefully I don't stumble onto toooo much weirdness.

    I love your sister's blogs, she's a really good writer and always has the best insights, if that makes sense? Haha. I hope she keeps updating it.

    See you guys tonight on ftf! Exciting stuff.

  2. I'll be there! As long as I don't fall asleep before the chat starts like I did last time...

  3. Haha Jade is cool!

    Cant wait for the chat!

  4. The cathedral of junk is pretty cool! Didn't know they still had it up... I'm eager to see you guys in warped tour, I've been meaning to for years in ventura! Meg&dia isn't playing though?

  5. now you make me feel like seeing the magic behind your jewels!

    and i wonder whats nick's reaction :p

  6. Reticella,

    Meg and Dia will not be playing at Warped Tour this year, but Nick and I will have a Chandler the Robot vendor booth:)

  7. My older brother lives in Austin, he tells me I would love it because it's full of weirdos like me.. What a lovely brother..

  8. i laughed so hard at that "mormon women know how to cook a mean casserole" it's so true! i lived in utah for a while and that's all they ever bring to potlucks!