Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jewelry + Music

I've learned a lot about music since I started designing and making jewelry. It's funny how everything in your life ties together, like if you started learning German you'd become a better cook. Learning "something new" makes you re-evaluate that "something-old" that you've done all your life.

I used to think that (o.k. vulnerable and personal moment on my blog here. Look out!) if I didn't play the guitar like Joe Satriani I wasn't worth listening to. I put an incredible amount of pressure on myself to be great as a musician. I always have. I probably always will. When I wrote my first song "Masterpiece", I really enjoyed it and thought it was something wonderful, but after a few years I began evaluating it and comparing it to other musicians' work. "There are only four chords in the thing, it's not worth beans!" I thought. There weren't any "jazzy chords" in it, or sixteenth note arpeggios, nothing impressive at all, just four chords, a melody, and lyrics about my first broken heart.

But now I realize that it was and is good. Just because I don't "shred" in the song, and there aren't really complicated musical passages doesn't mean it isn't good. It's unique and I put a little bit of "Meg" inside of there, and I like it. It is good.

That's how it is with jewelry, except with jewelry I was never hard on myself from the beginning. I designed things I liked. I thought they were fantastic, and although I personalized each piece, I never took a piece personal, or even asked the question really of "Is this good? Is there better out there?"

Jewelry designing can actually be a very complex process depending on the materials used. It can be as complicated and fine as violin making. Jewelers stone set precious jewels worth millions! They melt elements of the earth. The intricacies and detail of the craft and the skill level involved are astronomical!

And I make robots out of clay.

I think I've discovered my "thing" I involve myself in art that people spend their lives mastering. But, I don't become the "expert". Yes, true, I am trying to improve myself everyday. But with jewelry and music it's not about being the fastest, or the most complicated, or even the most impressive. I just try to find elements of the craft that I love, focus on them, make them mine (which means make them incredibly quirky and weird) and love what I create.

All I have to think is "What I've created no one has created quite like this before. Here world, take it or leave it."

I really have jewelry making to thank for giving me this new perspective on my music. 

The point is, don't be afraid to put yourself out there even if you don't think you are "ready yet".

What are you waiting for?


P.S. I snagged this photo from Dia's facebook. I love it when I catch her wearing my jewlery. And plus she just looks adorable!


  1. masterpiece is probably one of my favorite songs ever written by Meg and Dia. It along with the whole cd "something real" actually retrieved me from a horrible place at the time... I guess the point of this comment is to say thank you for having the courage to release what you wrote because it saved me in a way
    four chords can change someone's world :]

  2. Yes as artist, thats how we typically work. At first we love our new creation, but later on we start to criticize it more til we hate it. And honestly, I think when we do that, we are just over thinking.

    "Masterpiece" is beautiful and will always be one of my favorites. It may not be one of the most complex songs ever, but it doesn't mean it isn't great. And when I mean great, I mean it, Meg that song is truly awesome! The lyrics are amazing. I may have never knew you and knew your experience with your first heart break, but this song paints a vivid picture of your emotions that I can relate to.

    And the melody of this song is soo sweet. I swear whenever the chorus kicks in, it always makes me sing and chant along, while pumping my fist in the air!

    this blog post was a really good read!

  3. Thanks for great post Meg. I know it's not always easy sharing insecurities with people let alone in a blog to complete strangers. But it is inspiring to hear that talented people have the same reservations that we do.

    I found Meg&Dia a few weeks ago, but your music has become a staple of my everyday playlist. Also being a huge nerd, i really enjoy your robots!

    So thanks for the music, the art, and the words!

    p.s. You inspired me to pick up drawing again. THX :-)

  4. Thanks for that little insight Meg. I've listened to your music for years and I've always thought it was the best thing ever. There are so many songs that you and Dia have written that have helped me through some hard times, I thank you for that. I got my Rachael robot yesterday and I was so excited because it's such a quirky little thing and it says a lot. The masters are great but the ones who put heart and soul into things are the best. Thanks for all that you do Meg :)

  5. Wow... This is such a coincidence Meg, because this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear at the moment. Everyday I pick up the guitar and go to my lessons, I constantly aim and try to become better and better. I try out new elements and attempt to learn scales, finding new chord melodies and making it all complex or complicated (for that matter...). but, I understand, it's never a bad thing to fine tune your skill, but I always feel that since I don't sing (or well for that matter...), I have to make up for it by playing like the greatest guitar player there ever was (which, I know will never happen since that would take a life's devotion to do...). and, I know what you mean on people taking you seriously. I feel that people will never take my guitar playing seriously unless I'm actually "good" at it. Although I haven't exactly had your "revelation" or "newfound perspective" just yet, it's very comforting to hear this from you. This is definitely something to keep at the back of my mind and hold close to my heart, just as a little reminder for the next time I'm beating myself up for no reason... or setting myself up for doubt or lack of self-esteem!

    I'm probably going to still further my training in guitar, just because I love it so much (and I feel so impaired in it), but it will be comforting to know that you've sent this message out. This is definitely a post of yours that I'm going to bookmark, and possibly print out for safekeeping, haha. :P It's a lovely little reminder and pick-me-up in times that I do feel a little "impaired". Thank you for this.

    Always an avid and loyal supporter,
    I wish you the best and rock on!

    p.s. Masterpiece was the first song I ever fell in love with from you guys. and, it serves as such a dear and personal song to me from my middle school days. thank you, once again :)

  6. Hello Ms. Meg Frampton,
    I hope this comment finds you well and happy.

    I love what you wrote here. I've really been in a search for perspective as I'm going through a bit of a identity crisis. It's nothing dramatic, but I think it might be time for me to start a new chapter in life.

    I've learned that as long as you take the perspective of a student, everything is just a learning experience. There is so much to learn in this world that it is impossible to master everything. However, I think it's important to care and put a genuine effort forward.

    If you have a moment, I'd appreciate your input on a blog I wrote a few days ago. No pressure, but I'd love to hear your view on it.
    It's more of an esoteric rant than anything else, so if you lose interest in it, please do skip it and save yourself some time. :)

  7. Despite the thought that your music is 'simple' (or not) it's amazing! Amazing because it has sentiment, which so many of us can relate to. If you are able to change someone's perspective on anything at all, then you know you are doing something right! You guys are my favourite band, & I love the fact that not many people in Scotland know about Meg & Dia, it's kind of like my secret musical love! :)

  8. im glad you have found two things you are passionate about, ive yet to find one!! there are things i like but nothing has struck me as a need. i hope one day something will romance me. but for now i wade through the fun waiting for that inspiration.

  9. this is VERY inspiring. i always think to myself, am i good enough to play with people? having those thoughts just drag you further from what you want. but i guess now, i should start jamming with.... even 4 chords!

  10. I read this and when I saw that you were worried that Masterpiece (which is awesome by the way) it reminded me of this video I saw that that explains in a more humorous tone that a song really doesn't require more that 4 chords to be great.