Thursday, June 2, 2011

Limited Edition "Punk Rock Robot"

Introducing, just like I promised, my latest "Punk Rock Robot" in celebration of this years 2011 Warped Tour!

Don't know if any of you remember, but Meg and Dia has Warped Tour to thank for giving us our start.

Yeah, I know our musical direction has morphed since then, and we would like to think of ourselves as "indie rock" rather than "punk rock" We may have traded in our neon t-shirts for cowboy boots, but that doesn't mean we don't think fondly of our humble beginnings.

Dia said, during an interview that she thinks of my jewelry as "good luck charms" (Thanks Dia!) Well, this spunky little dude is the guy that will make you remember who you were when you first started out at whatever it is you do. That's what he stands for me:)

I only made 50. I'll be reserving numbers 40-50 for my upcoming Texas Warped Tour dates which will be Dallas on the 24th, Houston on the 25th, and San Antonio on the 26th. Each "Punk Rock Robot" is engraved with a unique number and includes a "certificate of authenticity" as well as a personalized note.

With his matte ebony body, fiery magenta mohawk, he's a lot to contend with! ha ha. This limited edition "punk rock robot" is made out of polymer clay, vintage pocket watch parts, and antique copper. Each piece is approximately 2 1/2 inches tall and includes a 24" antique copper chain.

Price- $50.00


  1. That is amazing! I love the contrast between the hair and body, really cool idea. If only I had some money...

  2. Wow this really makes me look back to the past, it is crazy how much you guys grown and changed. And Im happy no matter what, you will always cherish your roots. This piece is really great, from the engraved limited number and personalized note included, all those able to buy this will be really lucky. Good Job Meg!

  3. Rebel against the cogs of the Great Machine,
    A copper-collared robot ain't the life for me!

    I can't be told I'm just a binary code,
    With a common purpose or a central node.

    I'm not just another automaton,
    Rock Meg & Dia 'till the day I'm gone!

  4. Lol. It's a pretty sweet design. You've swindled me out of my hard earned military dollars once again Miss Frampton ;)

  5. Oh yes I remember Warped Tour 2006. Hope to make it out to Dallas, thank goodness it's only hours away. Loving Punk Rock Robot, his mohawk is pretty sweet! :)

  6. Can we request specific numbers?