Friday, June 3, 2011

"Punk Rock Robot" Sold Out!

Hey everyone,

"Punk Rock Robot" is now sold out! I want to say thank you to everyone who ordered:)

Remember, I saved the last 10 Punk Rock Robots for the Warped Tour dates in Texas I will be doing with Chandler the Robot.

Also, If you didn't get in on the action this time, don't worry. I'll be releasing  special "limited edition" pieces on the first Thursday of each month, which I have cleverly titled "First Thursdays".



  1. By my calculations, you just earned yourself 333 Hotdoddy's white chocolate and raspberry shakes!

  2. Wow, that little guy was quite the money maker. Congrats on selling him out so quickly!!
    And yay for more limited edition pieces. Thanks for that update, I'll be greatly looking forward to them now! :)

  3. Lemuel, I'm going to go get me a shake right now to celebrate! ha ha

    Thanks Kalli

  4. Aw man... I knew I should have ordered last night instead of asking about numbers :( I REALLY want #42 but I won't be ay any of those WT dates.

  5. When will you be selling at "First Thursday" in Austin??