Thursday, June 16, 2011

Visiting Dia Frampton on "The Voice"

A photo with Dia Frampton just after her big win. I want her shoes!!

My favorite part of the show, you guys gotta remember these dance girlies!

Holding Dia Frampton's name in the envelope with my fav production assistant.

Jade and I strolling along Universal City Walk before the Show.

My manager Mike, who Dia really has to thank for letting her know about "The Voice" (He likes cats)

Lunch with my favorite and most responsible manager's assistant, Amanda, and Brian Dales from the band "The Summer Set",  with whom my manager works with as well.


  1. This looks like an awesome time in LA. I'm a bit jealous of my sister right now because she went out to LA and Cochella music fest a few months back for her birthday,she brought me back a bag of chips though to make up for it,she's wierd like that and I would love to go at least to sit in the audience of The Voice to see Dia perform(voted like 200+ times for her with all the phones I could find). Anyways I look forward to reading more of your blog posts as I love the randomness of it...
    P.S. did you happen to see my idea for Dexter the Cat yet? It's for my sister mentioned above :)

  2. It all looks like such an interesting experience. And Dia's outfit for that episode was gorgeous!!

  3. Dia really outdid herself with her performance of Kanye's 'Heartless'. I don't think anyone expected her to completely sweep the competition with such a wonderful rendition. She really set the bar high for everyone else. I can't wait to see what she does next!

  4. looks awesome!

    just saw dia saying you have a "miracle diet", tell us the secret!!

  5. Oh. Because Mike just sorta likes cats. Only a wee bit.

  6. Meg, you look so regal in these photos. And you seem to make friends quite fast haha.

  7. I luv Dia's dress! She's so lucky to wear beautiful dresses on the show!

  8. you are such a beautifully talented family and i hope you all find your confidence to find the recognition you deserve - you especially Meg, your creativity and drive to create is so inspiring... please do some more covers on youtube by yourself... and you need to write more too like you used to do some other places - i love your writing :)

  9. Sujun,

    My "miracle diet" is a little harsh. No sugar, coffee, caffeine, alcohol, bread, butter, or cheese. It's crazy, I know! But I've tried it for about a week now, and aside from feeling a little hungry, I feel incredible! No, I am not doing this to lose weight, I'm doing this to be healthy.

    And what the heck is Dia doing talking about my diet in interviews?! ha ha