Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crisis Averted

I'm not going to lie, it's been a rocky month for me. I'm sure some of you frequent readers of my blog have ascertained this by reading between the lines of previous blogs of mine. I could simply blame my age and attest that I'm going through my "quarter life crisis", but I really don't want to do that. Don't worry, my worries haven't had anything to do with Chandler, in fact, like Nick (boyfriend), Chandler has been my rock, my solid rock. (This is actually a great metaphor come to think of it, for what Chandler will morph into come next "First Thursday")

Nothing crazy has happened. I've just had experiences  that teetered my life scale a little bit to the "not-so-swell side" for a blip, and it was a shocker. I discovered that I do not do "change" well. I'm one of those people that holds on for dear life to the "normal routine", the "comfortableness" of the past, and who runs like all Hell broke loose from the tides of the future.

I've had this sketch in my head for awhile now, so I thought I'd put pen to paper. (of course, Chandler is hanging there with me.)

I texted my Korean mother one afternoon to ask her, "oh Korean mother, how long do you think this will last?" She replied after several minutes with her wisdom, "I think... two months." (it's weird how I can hear her native accent via text...)

And two months it did take. Well, not exactly, but her answer was right, in that time does heal you. I know, I know, "Time heals all wounds. blah, blah, blah" But it does! I think my time is done commiserating. I'm so, so ready to move on!

Like so many successful and happy people before me, I have found my clarity and countless new opportunities because the trials and tribulations have forced me to work a little hard, search a little more deliberately for what it is I'm looking for.

So, I've had an extreme sense of focus lately. "The sun shines more brightly after a storm, or whatever" (wow, I am just full of them today aren't I? And I promise I'm only making up these anecdotes 37% of the time)  I'm currently working on some new material that hopefully Dia can use for her music in the future. If not, the plan is to use it for my own musical project. (This is so scary for me by the way, but I've got lyrics to sing, and somebodies got to do it right?) My adorable mom is coming to visit Austin for a few days early in August to help me make my next "First Thursday" project. So, although I say these are all hand made by me, next month will have that "motherly touch" and some of your pieces will be made by my mom (those pieces will probably look much better than mine, so ya'll will be lucky to have yours done by her. ha ha).

Next months "First Thursday" was a hard decision for me to make. I did have something fabulous tying in with all of the "superhero" movies coming out this summer, but that design will have to wait a month or so, because I really wanted to do something that means a lot to me at the moment, something having to do with new adventures and change. You'll see.

Hope everyone is moving forward in life with a happy face. How do you guys deal with sudden and unexpected change?



  1. It takes a long time for me to adapt to changes. It's hard to get used to it. I like to live with a routine also. Once I start getting used to the change(s) in my life, my routine starts to morph and change too. It takes a long time, but I finally get used to everything. I'm glad you have been able to adapt and grow with the changes in your life :)

  2. It's good to hear the crisis was averted. I have suspicions, but I'll never know exactly unless you say it. What I think is not important though. The important thin is that you're better now. "Welcome back" to the world Meg. I hope to hear from you more often now =]

    When I deal with sudden changes. My brain will kick in to high gear and go a hundred miles per hour from time to time (if it doesn't I just go with the flow). I'll think of how awesome things could be if it would stay the same while also considering what the new changes would bring and if it's possible to cope with. In addition, I may show a little resentment towards whatever change I am facing, but I never let it become a total downer. Maybe this is the reason why I do not get excited for much until it is actually happening.

    P.S. That well executed rope swing flip... Sheesh! It's like your a whole new person. Now you need to learn how to flip while playing guitar and belting out some great vocals! People would pay to see that ;)

  3. I really love the meaning within that sketch of yours, very relatable and drawn in such a cool way. I think I'm similar when it comes to major life change. For example, I'll be turning 19 tomorrow and my Dad will be "surprising" me with my first car (my mother isn't a good secret-keeper). And besides the excitement of it all, I'm kind of afraid to start driving around independently again. This is because I've been relying on my boyfriend as my own personal driver for the past year and a half. I've become used to the safety of his car, his passenger seat, and I don't want to let it go quite yet. I'm aware that I obviously cannot allow him to taxi me around forever. For one, I'd feel terrible about it. And secondly, it would be the opposite of productive. I know this car thing is certainly a good change, I'm just kind of comfortable with the routine I'm in now and it's a phase in my life that's going to end, so I'm just a bit scared of it ending, I suppose?
    I guess that I don't really know how to deal with change. I kind of find relief in blogging about it (I write in my personal blog a lot), and then I simply suck it up and move on with my life. Let the change happen and try not to fear it, try not to hang on to the same old thing (as shown wonderfully in your drawing), I suppose. Plus, embracing change is always much easier when you have a love to share it with. That's the main aspect that keeps my head up when dealing with change, truly. Maybe I won't be passenger anymore, but I'll have the perfect passenger next to me in my own car, and that's the only thought I really need to accept this change.
    I'm glad to hear that the two month phase you've been in has withered away. Thanks for the update. Stay well, Meg!

  4. I'm glad that whatever challenge you were phased with is now steady and well again :)
    But as for your question, I'm not really sure how I deal with sudden change. I guess, I just rely on the reassurance from anything and anyone that whatever the turnout is in the end, that it'll be a good one.

  5. To add to your apparent "quote" theme, this quote from Easy A probably describes best how I am able to handle change: "with my incontrovertible sense of humor." It's true though, I believe having a good sense of humor about things, especially life in general, helps make change go by smoother.

    And judging by the fact that this post had me chuckling quite a few times, I think you make good use of your own sense of humor as well (even if you don't notice it).

    I wish you well in all of your endeavors, Meg -- and here's to your life returning to the "oh-so-swell" side.

  6. I must deal with change by not dealing with it, if that makes sense? It's kind of like denial. Doesn't work though, so maybe it doesn't qualify as being 'dealt' with... Oh well, It's the thought that counts.

  7. Sunny the Skater, I totally agree with the "sense of humor". I'm lucky to be around people who radiate humor constantly, and set great examples for me.

  8. To add to your list of anecdotes:
    "The night is darkest before dawn"
    And one of my faves:
    "Change is inevitable...except from a vending machine."

    Thanks for the post! I'm sure I'm not the only one that appreciates your honesty. And I can't wait to hear your new songs.

  9. You learn to adapt many changes throughout time
    "you grow wiser as you grow older" is true
    Facing the challenges of life is what makes it both frightening and exiting. It's all based on how well you handle the situation.

    by the why i used your drawing for this (don't worry i gave you credit hahaha)

  10. I love the way the picture turned out!

    I found your post really relatable! It can be hard to deal with change and I do believe everyone has their ways of getting through it the best they can.

    By the way - I got my chandler today, and I can't say I was dissappointed! It was exactly what I was hoping for!

    Thanks much, Meg!

  11. Thanks for sharing Meg. I am glad you made it through your crisis in one piece.

    I think everyone is resistant to change. People get into a routine and become comfortable in them. I know that I don't handle change that well. A few years ago I experienced big changes in my life. Like in the picture, I was holding on for dear life to the branch, but unfortunately the branch broke and change hit me hard. It was a really dark time for me, and it took me a long time to get over it. Since then I tried to be more open to changes. I try to mix up my routine so I don't become too comfortable, and I also make a point to do things that make me anxious or nervous. I find that I get less distress with sudden changes due to this.

    p.s. I really enjoy Weeding through the Rumble so I hope do more things that scare you and sing more songs for us!

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  13. I enjoy your blogs, Meg. Thanks for sharing with us! And change is indeed a scary thought and a scary thing to encounter... your picture shows that for sure! You are a great person... I emailed you awhile ago whenever I got my Chandler in the mail, and I thank you for listening to a perfect stranger's story. :) It was a very hard time for me with a lot of change, for sure. A sixteen-year-old doesn't typically expect to hear that she has a tumor that might be cancer... talk about change! Chandler became my "good luck charm", always with me through my doctor's appointments and hanging in my room after surgery. Fortunately, we found out the tumor wasn't cancer... thank God! I was pleasantly surprised at all the support and prayers I got from family and friends. Sounds like you got the same support from your mom and Nick. It's great to have those people who are our "rocks" in this ever changing world.

    Whatever your change was, I am glad that you could face it. I'll be praying that all will go well and continues to go well for you! I'm looking forward to some new tunes (loved "Weeding Through the Rubble", by the way!) You're an awesome person so keep your chin up! :)

    God bless,
    Savannah :D

    Oh, and I'll tell you what needs to change... this dang Texas heat! Gosh, I can't step outside without feeling like I'm gunna melt! :( haha