Thursday, July 7, 2011

"First Thursday" introduces the "Cowbot"

To those of you who are new to my blog, every first Thursday I release a very special "limited edition" piece.

The piece will be either a new project that I have been working on, or a piece that means a lot to me.

This "First Thursday" I am releasing the "Cowbot", a cowboy robot!

The idea came about when I received a call from Dia Frampton (my sister) who just took 2nd place on NBC's "The Voice". Her coach, Blake Shelton, had seen her wearing one of my pieces ("Take Me Away") and requested that I design a cowboy robot for him.

Delighted I took that request one step further, and designed one for his wife, Miranda Lambert, as well, for a post-wedding gift.

I wanted to release the "Cowbot" as my special edition piece this month for two reasons.

1) I'd like to celebrate Dia's success on "The Voice" and the new relationship she has formed with a very witty cowboy, Blake Shelton, whom she has said she believes will stay very close friends.

2) I actually haven't had much experience being around any type of "Western" environment until I came to Austin, and even living here I only wear cowboy boots and go line dancing every once and awhile. Most of my "western" exposure comes from old spaghetti westerns and books, which brings me to my second reason. Cowboys were funny and courageous as Hell. I think Americans today, especially myself could learn a lot from them cow men.

These "Cowbots" come in two colors. You can order either the "pink" or "black". I am only making 50 cowbots total. Each robot will be handmade, by me, so please allow 3-4 weeks for them to arrive at your door.

Cobot charm sizes vary, but measure approximately a little less than 2 1/2" in length. They are made out of polymer clay, antique watch parts, and antique copper. Each necklace includes a 28" copper chain.



  1. I may have bought both of them. Oops.
    Too cute to resist?

  2. Aww, Blake and Miranda must have really loved these. Great way to celebrate Dia's success on The Voice, definitely. I wish I could afford Blake's robot, but no go with my poor college student budget. lol
    And also, random comment, but I love the top you're wearing in the pink cowbot photo. Off the shoulders are so comfortable! hah

  3. Is the lonely hearts chandler 40$ or 19.95? there is 2 prices. One in the drop bar and another in the pictures.

  4. so happy to have come across your blog/shop (yay, etsy!), via your sissie's post on fb. i love your robots! can't wait to buy one for my sister when her birthday comes around. :)

  5. Hi ashleyy,

    Lonely Hearts is $40.00. Thank you for reminding me to update that.