Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Girl and Her Guitar

Thank you Matt Ferguson, Director of Artist Relations for Fender.  Feel free to send me as many of these as you like! I am so excited to represent and work with the beautiful individuals at Fender Guitars! 

check it out! Meg and Dia are featured on one of Fender's sites.

Oh, and here's a pic of todays batch.

photo by Nick Price



  1. That's so cool! Good things happen to good people ;)

    As for the second picture... WHOA! You're a speed demon.

    Oh yeah one last thing, looks like you got a hair cut. Nice bangs!

  2. loverly fender! :))

    Grace Louise

  3. Pretty badass looking Strat. It's shiny newness makes me jealous.
    Love the bangs too. Haha.

    You're like a one-person assembly line!

  4. omg, you look very cute with the new bangs. haha im not creeping on you, dont worry! are you still gonna use the rest of your guitars?

  5. thats a nice guitar :D

    anyway these trinklets are really cute gosh..