Saturday, July 30, 2011

Introducing "Monica Bot" and "Phoebe Bot"

So, Nick and I are just about done watching the t.v. series "Friends". (This will be my second run through and his first.) I love the end of the series. It's hilarious and uplifting, and there is no better way to end this very hot July.

Watching the last few episodes prompted me to create the last two pieces of my "Friends' Bots" collection.

Choose Monica or Phoebe from this drop down menu

This is my lady "Monica Bot"

Monica and Phoebe on the town.

And Phoebe in all her zany glory...

Monica and Phoebe Bots are made out of polymer clay, antique watch parts, and copper. They include a 26" antique copper chain. The bots are a little less than 2" in height. Monica and Phoebe Bots are $60.00 each. If you'd like your Monica or Phoebe Bot as a keychain instead of a necklace simply choose either "Monica Keychain" or "Phoebe Keychain" from the drop down menus in this post.



  1. I loooove Monica!!!! She reminds me of Joey!!!! So does Phoebe with the headphones!!! :) :) :)

    just wondering, why did you decide to raise the prices of you're necklaces? (trying not to make this sound mean, because it isn't meant to seem like it :(!!!!!

  2. Hi Grace,

    No, your question isn't mean at all. I'm happy to answer. When I first started creating these little bots, I priced them with "introductory rates" to introduce them to the public and peeps. Now that I'm more established, I've raised them to what I believe my time and unique design are worth. An artist always has a difficult time with pricing. Understand that each piece is handmade by me and 4-6 hours of my time goes into each and every piece. Each piece is "one-of-a-kind". Also, I have to account for material cost.

    Don't despair though. I will have plenty of future sales, and future designs that are in the lower price range. My next piece is a "First Thursday" piece so that will be $50.00, but later on in the month I'm planning on releasing another design for less, if you'd like to wait out for that one.

    Always appreciate honest questions,

  3. ah they're so cute! Do you plan on making Ross and Rachel in the future as well?

  4. They are so cute! Once again I'm tempted! Keep it up & can't wait to see more designs!

  5. Meg,

    Ahhh I can see why.

    you're necklaces are amazing and you put a ton of work into to them too :)

  6. Meg!
    These are super cute.
    I need to follow through with getting a job so that I can afford to keep up with your jewellery :P
    I'm stoked on First Thursday though. I'm hoping to get my Cowbots soon, I liked how they had tracking numbers. Haha, now I can watch them sit at the border for two weeks.

  7. I think Monica is my favorite girl in your Friends collection, absolutely adorable! I'm sad that I can't afford these guys to complete my collection, but I'll certainly keep my eyes peeled for those sales you mentioned.

  8. Does this mean that you will be selling a friends bot package??

  9. Nice work, Meg, on the Phoebe and Monica Bots! Like some of the other posters have said, I'm curious to see if you will make Rachel and Ross Bots in the future. Anyways, I appreciate your jewelry. I'm enjoying the Lonely Hearts Chandler necklace I bought from you a while back. Keep up the good work!

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