Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bedroom Demos

For some reason, in Austin, every food place has funny messages on their announcement signs. I drove by a taco stand on the way to yoga yesterday and read this on their sign, "I hope at least."

So I you guys want to hear the very first demo of a song I'm working on?

It's called "I Hope at Least" (of course:)

Stop thinkin' bout the powder white in streets at night in New Orleans
Men with sequins on their thighs all the beauty queens in the philippines
homeless on their roller skates shouting street obscenities
hand in hand trying to pretend
they;re the chosen ones and they'll be seen

Oh why I wake up soaked in the middle of the night
oh smiling through my teeth winning grammies in the day light
oh headin' on that train there's no need to keep an eye eon me
oh I can't keep this up
I can't keep on fighting

We escaped from those crowded bars
found our way to piers abandoned
we stared at the setting sun
missing home and feeling stranded
I dared you to break in to fields locked up by voices higher
came home with bruises on our arms turned into guilty liars


  1. Meg!!!! I love this! Gah, after all these years, your lyrics still give me chills.

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  3. Video is unavailable?
    I hope it's up tomorrow, because tomorrow is my birthday! :)

  4. The second I heard the opening guitar, I immediately fell in love. It sounds absolutely amazing and has such a great moving vibe... The lyrics are so well-written as well. Keep it up-- you've got amazing stuff!

  5. damm, amazing lyrics. so goood to hear new stuff!

    watch!/video/video.php?v=10150267606138229&comments if you cant stream here

  6. so good! i really enjoyed it, i cant wait to hear the finished version!

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  8. amuse bouche... just my two cents, but the first stanza is my favorite. I don't need specific lyrics in every song I listen to in order to feel connected to the artist. One of my favorite things about Meg's lyrics is that she works things into them that are specifically important to her, and it's those abstract nuances that make this song so endearing for me. Personally anyways.

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