Monday, August 29, 2011

Martha Stuart, watch your back!

Cooking is always a battle with me. In order to create a proper meal, one needs to set aside at least two hours of focused time. I can never fully commit. On the one hand, I want the benefits of a cozy home-cooked meal and the pride at having accomplished a domestic feat, on the other hand I'm constantly screaming at myself, wondering why on earth I am spending this much time coaxing a bell pepper to "sweat", when I can simply drive down the street and order a delicious two dollar taco in under four minutes?

But, the "home-cooked meal" side of the argument always wins. After all, I don't want to be thirty and not have the know-how to boil a potato. Shouldn't every woman know how to be an expert team player, swooping in with finesse while twirling a spatula in one hand and scooping up a screaming child with the other, at the neighborhood barbecue? And while there are no neighborhood barbecues or screaming children in sight, I know my day will come, and so I persist.

I recently invested quite a chunk of cash on some quality kitchen supplies. After carefully slicing an entire autumn squash into perfect yellow ribbons, all it took was one false step for my floppy plastic cutting board to launch my handy work into the air. This was the last straw. 

Nick and I strolled through Bed Bath and Beyond and with each addition to an already over-flowing shopping cart his worried brows raised another inch. "Now, whatever are you going to do with a knife that costs more than your bedroom set?" I yanked the pretty shiny weapon off the shelf and tossed it in my bag as I stared at him with steady eyes and coolly replied, "I'm going to stab myself with a kitchen knife, if I have to use that  flimsy, $10.00 piece of shit one more time to chop onions!"

Nick was stoic for the rest of that shopping experience.

My first meal I made with a brand new whisk, cutting board, knife, and chopper was jalepeno corn muffins, grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce leaves garnished with calamatta olives, sliced red onions, and feta cheeses, and homemade salsa. I felt like a domestic goddess. (Now, I've never been a pet person, but I bet the way I feel about my new chopper is how most people feel about their Spanish Terriers.) 

Ha ha, funny, I had started out this blog with the intention of letting everyone know my exciting plans in the next couple of weeks, and it ended up being "Tales of Woe in the Kitchen..."

My apologies.

Dia and I will be playing for "honored guests" in a "private theatre" at the U.S. Open. Jade, of course, will be coming along. Who else is going to explain why on earth those very skinny and tan people with the nice legs are hitting that neon green ball back and forth. (Jade also promised me a very sizzling conversation with Matt Damon since we have been reserved box seats!)

From there, I will be hopping on a plane with Dia to join her in L.A. I will be taking part in some "writing sessions" with some "professional song writers". She said that I can be sure to "learn something". And Nick tells me I should never miss out on "opportunities". While all of this sounds very vague to me, I'm never one to say no to a new adventure. And plus, think of all the great stories I'm going to have to tell you guys:)

Stupendous Chandler is to be released in just a few days! I'm so excited I can't contain myself. Out of all of the jewelry I've made so far, this is the one that I'm going to be wearing every day. (I know I say that about everything I make, but seriously!)



  1. Ahh the perks of staying home while all the young'n go to their first day back at school. I get to read your blog =D

    I'm glad you got yourself a sharp knife along with a bunch of other cool kitchen supplies. A key way to avoid getting cut (and to avoid getting tears with an onion) is having a sharp knife! Otherwise you'd be putting a bunch of downward force or sawing things as if it were a piece of wood haha. Here is a quick (pro) kitchen tip: Place a damp towel under your cutting board to prevent the cutting board from slipping.

    Have fun with our sisters. If y'all have some spare time perhaps a "cover monday" featuring you and Carlo could happen... Who knows, maybe an entire new song could happen (^_^)

    One last thing... your cooked meal sounded lovely. Far more advanced and desirable than the spaghetti blog months ago ;)

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  3. You're meal sounds delicous! I love home made salsa!

    I'm always worried that when I have to live alone, I'll need to learn how to cook fast. Seeing as right now I'm still in school and living at home; mom does the cooking.

    All I know is that I'll have to buy some good cook books and watch a lot of The Food Network!

  4. Last trime I tried making my parents dinner I was frying steak... and I flipped it over... and there was this massive splash of oil that got all over my legs and hands.
    I've decided I'm not meant to cook, and I've got scars now to back that up. I love baking stuff though. Especially cookies. Cookie dough is amazing, I usually eat so much that I'm full by the time the cookies are done.

    I hope your songwriting session goes well! To be honest I don't really feel like you or Dia need professional songwriters, 'cause I've always very much loved your song lyrics the way they are. But I guess you'll "learn something?" Haha.

    I'm excited for Stupendous Chandler. Very much so.

    And, you know... like I always say... tour sooooon! I need to go on another M&D adventure, I'm getting bored in Canada.

  5. Wow, even though you're still learning the ways around the kitchen, that meal you cooked up sounds so darn pro! Oh growing up..... The Food Network makes me so darn jealous! Those kids have mastered the art of cooking.

    Over the past few months, I've been waiting with scrutiny to finally see you and Dia reunite like old days, sister-by-sister, playing music together again. This past year has definitely been quite a whirlwind with all the buzz around Dia, but playing somewhere at the U.S. Open with Jade's support, reunited with Dia... it sounds like such a family reunion! I wish I could witness it myself but I'm sure we'll be hearing lots about it... I can't wait!

    (By the way, I was about to be college buddies with Jade! SMC was my 2nd-choice college when I was choosing colleges a couple months ago... but it is too close to home and I've got to "venture out" and "see the world" eh? I'm very nervous to be going down to SoCal all by myself, and the environment isn't me at all... I'm a NorCal native, but hopefully I'll be able to catch Dia down there a couple times if she plans on staying down there awhile!)

    Anyway, I'm sure you could care less about my rambles... Working with "professional song writers" sounds exciting! Dia's been having a lot of those sessions lately... Show them some of your real home-hitting songwriting talents!!! You'll knock those boneheads out of the park... ok, they're not boneheads, but what you write is something very special. Hold true to it.

    Anyway, keep on making those jewels Meg. (Both literally and figuratively...) I can't wait to see Stupendous Chandler in his entirety!

    Hope all's been well.

  6. Wow the us open! Have fun! I would never miss out on the opportunities your getting!

  7. Ah, this news sounds so exciting. I kind of sort of fear the day when domestic responsibilities/obligations will force their way into my not-so-domestic lifestyle, but cooking experiments sound fun, nonetheless! My boyfriend and I have recently been experimenting with sushi-making techniques, and to my surprise, we have actually improved at making it (well, he has improved more than I have). It's tough, but practice makes perfect right? Plus, the satisfaction of making your own justifiable meal is just so worth.
    And it's really lovely to hear that you and Dia will be playing together again on a live stage, and the U.S. Open at that, wow! I cannot wait to hear more about this.
    Lastly, Stupendous Chandler will not escape my collection, so stoked for this one! :)

  8. Kalli,

    OMG, I don't think I'll ever have the courage to try sushi, but kudos to you and your bf!

    Rachel Ann, Food Network is going to be my new love for sure. Dia and Carlo already watch it nonstop.

  9. Haha sushi-making can be really confusing at first, mainly because there are so many varied tips for doing it the right way, and it takes a bit of time to discover them all. But honestly, if you just watch a few "how to" videos on youtube, you'll gain so much information and it will all make much more sense! You should definitely try it some time.

  10. Your meal sounds fantastic! Sounds like Martha Stewart has some new competition... she better watch out! haha XD

    Glad to hear that you and Dia are playing together! But I am a bit confused... YOU getting songwriting lessons!? You and Dia are complete geniuses when it comes to writing songs! Actually, you guys inspired me to finally go out and try to get in a band. I had always dreamt about it, but never really went for it until I heard yall's music... Sounds very cliche, right? But it really is true. Especially the fact that you guys carried on without a record deal and recorded some of "Cocoon" in your own house using simple things, like Garageband. That's what gives me hope that maybe I can be a great musician like you!

    To summarize all of my rambling, your writing has a lot of heart and soul put into it, which seems to be getting rarer to find in music these days. I think that you could teach these "professional songwriters" a thing or two. ;)

    Nonetheless, I hope that you have a great time! I really hope that you all will continue to make some more great Meg & Dia tunes (cuz we all love you!) :D

    Stupendous Chandler is adorable, by the way!