Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Next First Thursday Design?

Dia's birthday is coming up on the 2nd of October. Hmmm. I wonder what next First Thursday's Design is going to be...

Friday, September 23, 2011

No Need For "Alarm"

My next design in the making are Alarm Clock Earrings. (I'll probably be releasing these sometime next month.) I'm starting to notice that my design ideas never have been very abstract. I just think there are so many adorable "things" already out there to try and  create in smaller sizes, so I can wear them around my neck and in my earlobes, ya know?

I also like alarm clocks because they have that "industrial edge" like robots, with all the screws and cogs. I love giving an industrial design an emotion, such as Chandler bots with a human element, the heart. Just making these alarm clocks bite size will give them that sentimental touch, I believe. We'll see when I'm all finished.

I'm so lucky to be able to work on Chandler the Robot Projects even when I'm away from home. Here in L.A, although there have been many thrills and much enjoyment,  there is still that part of the experience that makes it a little hard to sleep at night. I have constantly been experiencing slight anxiety and pressure, because I'm trying to help Dia write great songs. I'm trying to help her put out a great record, and we only have another week or two to do it. She says that she used to have all the pressure, and now that we have a little song-writing factory with her belting out lyrics in her bedroom, and me with my headphones and garage band in the living room, half of the pressure is on me. Yay, me. It's not like I haven't felt the pressure of finishing a record in due time before.

An amazing phenomenon happened to me just a few days ago. I once had a dear friend tell me that in each of us humans there is an "adult side" and a "child side". A lot of the time the "child side" takes the reighns and we begin whining and complaining, etc… 

While I felt my "child side" take over as I lay in bed one night tossing and turning with a thousand chord progressions and melodies zinging together like a pinball machine in my head, finally, FINALLY the adult woman in me took center stage. She didn't speak to me. I just felt this calm certainty, that everything would be o.k. and I slept like a feakin' baby! She's appeared quite a few times since then. I think it  helps to constantly look at the bigger picture, and remember how incredible your life REALLY is.

What has made you "alarmed" lately and how do you comfort yourself?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Week at a Glance

Dia and I performed at the "Walk On" Event, a charity for HIV,  at Flapper's Comedy club with these hilarious comedians.

Tatoo of a Meg and Dia song "Chicago" on an audience member.

Dia and Mr. Cash at the Fender Visitor's Center opening. Cute couple.

Carlo and I geeking out at the Fender Visitor's Center

The saddest morning of all was pulling up to The Coffee Table,  our favorite breakfast spot, and discovering it was closed down:(

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Recording Studio Adventures

We stepped onto the dewy lawn of a charming little dark brick house all done up in ivy. I was a little disappointed when Dia side-stepped the front door of the cute house and began ducking under some branches as she tip-toed along the side.

Finding the sessions has been one of my favorite parts of my visit to L.A. so far, whether the recording studio looks like a dentist's office from the outside welcoming one into an interior decor decked out with original Dr. Suess paintings, dead flowers, and broken cellos and barroom pianos with the sea-foam green paint chipping off or, whether the studio screams of formality on the property of Universal Records with intimidating gigantic portraits of Cold Play greeting you in the pristine marble hallways.

 Sometimes we search for home studios. With those, we've have had to climb up rickety staircases looking for numbers, numbers or music. "Number 4, Number 5…" Back down one rickety staircase and up another. A strangely chipper voice floating through the entry way, "Welcome!" Number 7. We've found it.

The studio we recorded in today was in the basement of the engineer's home.  He was a very calm man who always had a pleasant "That sounds nice." to say after every vocal or instrumental take.

The studio had wooden floors, and the sound absorbing foam on the walls had geometric shapes painted on in pastel colors. There were photographs of little boys barely out of their diapers with recording headphones on, gigantic instruments hanging on their little bodies. There was a grand piano, several single speaker vintage amps (which I was drooling over), a strat, a tele, a Danelectro (which feels really nice when you play actually). 

I'm shaking my head in disbelief as I'm writing this right now. I wish I could have taken some pictures and my camera hadn't died, because I'm never going to be able to explain how this place made me feel. It was simply… heaven, heaven in a little room.

Dia did some amazing vocal takes as always, always asking to deliver full vocal takes, always kindly declining any sly mention of "vocal tuning". I laid down a few guitar tracks. Sometimes I was happy with them. Sometimes I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing, and for once I was wishing some of those big-time names we had been working with over the past few weeks were there to nod or confirm whether what I was doing was right or wrong for the song at hand. 

We used sleigh bells. We had some guy vocals involved with some chanting. I programmed in some demo strings. 

Just another day filled with everything I love to do. In a way, because I was so happy, I felt like my day was just a complete joke, and at any moment someone was going to pull the rug from under me and say "Just kidding!"

Friday, September 16, 2011

2nd Batch of Stupendous Chandler Sold Out!

Wow, those sell out quickly. I was expecting them to be up on my blog for another week or two. I'm glad you guys are into Stupendous Chandler as much as I am!

Maybe I'll have to do a 3rd batch at some point in the future. We'll have to see...

In the mean time, here's a photo of Dia and I rockin' it front row at a Buddy Guy concert! Excuse me while I go practice for hours now. Yikes!

Check out Buddy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2nd Batch of Stupendous Chandler Available Now


Due to the popularity of my last "First Thursday" Special Edition Piece, I decided to try out making a 2nd batch of 50. These do not include the certificate of authenticity or the numbered hearts. I'm trying this out and might do 2nd batches in the future, depending on what you guys think of the limited edition piece. Thanks for your support!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Cover Mondays" with Dia....on Wednesday

Right before "The Voice" aired, my sister Dia started doing covers of songs on Mondays and posted them on youtube. She calls these videos "Cover Mondays". Duh! You can visit Meg and Dia's Youtube channel   here

True, I know today is Wednesday, but Dia said she hasn't done her "Cover Monday" videos in a long time, and so she wanted to jumpstart next weeks "Cover Monday". I just heard Dia's voice floating through her kitchen saying, "Yay, Cover Mondays is coming back...on Wednesday."

 We chose Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" this time around.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

In the Studio

Sing it Sistah

If it's broken, use it as an art piece.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Trip to the U.S. Open in New York City!

In front of my favorite dessert place in NYC. 

Frozen hot chocolate the size of my face? Yes, please!

Rehearsing 30 minutes before the performance. True, we could have been a little more prepared...

Back stage in the Artist Lounge with our own private chocolate churros and vegetable kabobs.

The red carpet where I was born to be. Joking. Joking. I did meet Billie Jean King here though.

And finally...the performance where all went well. It really felt good to be back on stage!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Overnight Success

Nick was participating in a photo shoot with some local musicians this afternoon. He had been looking forward to this event for days now, but I couldn't help interrupting him.

"Hi. So, today I was taking my vitamins, you know the powdered kind that come in those little plastic capsules?"
"Well, I swallowed the pills and started working on jewelry, and all of a sudden out of nowhere a big cloud of smoke puffed out of my nose and I saw it in the air in front of me. I was like a real-life fire breathing dragon!"
"Yeah, I think it was the vitamin powder still in powder form that somehow found its way out of my throat and up into my nostrils, and I just puffed it out!"
"That's why you called me?"
"Huh…Well, good story."
"Thanks! Bye!"

And now, I suppose you are having about the same reaction as him, but seriously, isn't that the coolest accidental bodily function you've ever heard of?

Onto the substance of my blog.

I was reading a book today called "Rework" by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson while I was at the laundromat. (I have a thing for business books. Call it a guilty pleasure, or the inner nerd in me, or whatever.) Anyway I got to this section that reminded me so much of Dia. 

Dia is my younger sister. She's a few years younger, looks older. Age doesn't really matter with the two of us, we basically run in the same circles and have done the same things our entire lives. Some of you may be thinking "Well, duh. We know she's your sister. On with the blog." But to those of you who don't know, Dia and I are in a band called Meg and Dia. We've been playing music together for 7 years. Nick, my boyfriend plays drums. And Carlo and Jonathan, the other two members, are friends but might as well be brothers. (Tight knit, I know!)

Anyhow, recently Dia received a lot of recognition on this singing show on N.B.C. (please stay with me, all of you who consider this old news) Basically, she has this HUGE opportunity to sing for more people, more exposure, taking this thing to the next level. It was and still is a really big deal for her, and hopefully for us as well.

In the book there was this chapter called, "The Myth of the Overnight Sensation"

If I may, "You will not be a big hit right away. You will not get rich quick. You are not so special that everyone else will instantly pay attention. No one cares about you. At least not yet. Get used to it."

"You know those overnight-success stories you've heard about? It's not the whole story. Dig deeper and you'll usually find people who have busted their asses for years to get into a position where things could take off. And on the rare accession that instant success does come along, it usually doesn't last-there's no foundation there to support it.

"Trade the dream of overnight success for slow, measured growth. It's hard, but you have to be patient. You have to grind it out. You have to do it for a long time before the right people notice"

- excerpt by Jason Fried from his book "Rework" Visit there blog here

Those paragraphs made me think about Dia and the people sitting in their living rooms watching her on t.v. thinking, "Wow, look at that girl just being swept into the big lights out of nowhere!" And that's kind of ridiculous perspective to me because I've seen her in her ridiculous little outfits in county fairs in little St. George, UT (I participated and wore an outfit + cowboy hat and boots equally as ridiculous). I've seen her woman up and sleep in parking lots on tours, and in hallways in peoples' houses. I've been there when we played to 2 people in Random City, Oklahoma in a coffee shop/bar the size of my closet. Iv'e been there for tire blow outs on the road, for shows when the speakers blew out. We've done and been through it all. And the kicker? We've done this for 7 YEARS!

Over night success my ass! I'm just sayin' 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stupendous Chandler Sold Out!!!

Thanks to everyone for ordering:) Remember if you didn't get your Stupendous Chandler today, you'll be able to order him again in a few weeks.


First Thursday Presents "Stupendous Chandler" ($50.00)

I like the idea of super powers. I've always thought that if I could have any super power I would want to be able to eat whatever I wanted without any negative effect on my body. We can all dream can't we?

Stupendous Chandler

Of course, it was simply a great time to create a super hero robot, but there are more important reasons why I chose this particular piece this month.

I like the super heroes like Spider Man's Peter Parker who didn't know he had super powers. He was just as surprised as everyone else to learn he could scale building walls at the speed of light and shoot out 50-foot webs from his hands with a flip of his wrist.

Made from antique copper. Robot height is a little shorter than 1.5 inches. Chain is 29"

Once he realizes the strength and scope of his super powers, he begins to gain confidence, and then he begins to...well...save the world.

The thing is, although we don't have super powers, (Except for my mother. She's Super Woman.) I think we sell ourselves short a lot of the time.

The last time I was having a conversation with my mother, she was asking me those motherly questions like "Where do you see yourself in the next couple months? In the next couple years?" I would give her my modest, very realistic and calculated answer with a shrug. And with a twinkle in her eye, she would say, "Oh no, Meg. You are going to do much more. Just wait." And that's all it really takes for me to once again have faith that I can reach my crazy dreams one day.

What super powers do you wish you could have?

Item Details: Item is $50.00 If you order Stupendous Chandler today as the "First Thursday" Limited Edition Piece, your Stupendous Chandler will include a unique numbered Lonely Heart and a Certificate of Authenticity. Please allow3-5 days for delivery.

In a few weeks Stupendous Chandler will become part of the Chandler the Robot Line, and will be available to purchase at the regular price of $30.00 I cannot guarantee that I will have him in stock, but I most likely will.