Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Thursday Presents "Stupendous Chandler" ($50.00)

I like the idea of super powers. I've always thought that if I could have any super power I would want to be able to eat whatever I wanted without any negative effect on my body. We can all dream can't we?

Stupendous Chandler

Of course, it was simply a great time to create a super hero robot, but there are more important reasons why I chose this particular piece this month.

I like the super heroes like Spider Man's Peter Parker who didn't know he had super powers. He was just as surprised as everyone else to learn he could scale building walls at the speed of light and shoot out 50-foot webs from his hands with a flip of his wrist.

Made from antique copper. Robot height is a little shorter than 1.5 inches. Chain is 29"

Once he realizes the strength and scope of his super powers, he begins to gain confidence, and then he begins the world.

The thing is, although we don't have super powers, (Except for my mother. She's Super Woman.) I think we sell ourselves short a lot of the time.

The last time I was having a conversation with my mother, she was asking me those motherly questions like "Where do you see yourself in the next couple months? In the next couple years?" I would give her my modest, very realistic and calculated answer with a shrug. And with a twinkle in her eye, she would say, "Oh no, Meg. You are going to do much more. Just wait." And that's all it really takes for me to once again have faith that I can reach my crazy dreams one day.

What super powers do you wish you could have?

Item Details: Item is $50.00 If you order Stupendous Chandler today as the "First Thursday" Limited Edition Piece, your Stupendous Chandler will include a unique numbered Lonely Heart and a Certificate of Authenticity. Please allow3-5 days for delivery.

In a few weeks Stupendous Chandler will become part of the Chandler the Robot Line, and will be available to purchase at the regular price of $30.00 I cannot guarantee that I will have him in stock, but I most likely will.


  1. Got him! I've been refreshing your page for a bit to make sure I didn't miss out on him. I love this piece so much, cannot wait for his arrival. And regarding what super powers I would want, I've always been into the whole mind reading thing (I'm a psychology major so that might be helpful). Time travel, or being a "master of time," has always appealed to me as well. And of course, flying! Who wouldn't love to soar around like your everyday bird? Speaking of, these necklaces will be flying out the door in no time. I'll be anxiously checking my mailbox every day for Stupendous Chandler. Thanks Meg!

  2. Placed my order already :) Can't wait to rock Stupendous Chandler... this was worth the wait! You're awesome Meg, if we haven't told you that enough.

  3. I like the idea of being able to eat anything I want.
    If not that, then the ability to learn new skills quickly! Haha I've always been a very impatient learner.

  4. Woo! Ordered one! Super excited to receive him! I think I would want the ability to fly or teleport. I'd love to see the world and be able to instantly visit the people I care about. :)

  5. Super Powers! Like Kalli, flying would probably be one of my first choices. My friend often says that he has cloud envy, ha ha. I would love to spend a day idly floating amongst the clouds without a worry in the world. That, and having people scream "It's a bird! It's a plane! Nah wait, it's just Lorenz." I've also thought about controlling time, but I feel as though I would abuse it.

    Unfortunately, I can't get the limited edition, but I can wait a few weeks for the regular piece! Meg, you rock and Nick's photography is amazing :) (He does take the pictures, right?)

  6. I've been a comic book fan for years so I couldn't pass up Stupendous Chandler. You are so amazingly talented, Meg!
    I just have a small favor/question. I was wondering if I could have one with an odd number. I have an OCD type of aversion to even ones. No big deal, if he comes evenly numbered I will still treasure him anyway :) Thanks.

  7. Ordered him as soon as I saw he was available. As for superpowers I would like to be able to read minds or instant physical/mental memorization so anything I see or read my mind/body memorizes it and is able to replicate it exactly as I saw it.

  8. Oh I forgot to answer about what I'd like my super power to be... like most, flying would be awesome. Though, I'm somewhat afraid of heights.. so I'd rather just be able to run/move super fast.

    Do you know how much calories you burn with that super power? You can eat all you want and then run it off in seconds :)

  9. Love my Stupendous Chandler! You are so creative and talented. James Larken Smith