Friday, September 23, 2011

No Need For "Alarm"

My next design in the making are Alarm Clock Earrings. (I'll probably be releasing these sometime next month.) I'm starting to notice that my design ideas never have been very abstract. I just think there are so many adorable "things" already out there to try and  create in smaller sizes, so I can wear them around my neck and in my earlobes, ya know?

I also like alarm clocks because they have that "industrial edge" like robots, with all the screws and cogs. I love giving an industrial design an emotion, such as Chandler bots with a human element, the heart. Just making these alarm clocks bite size will give them that sentimental touch, I believe. We'll see when I'm all finished.

I'm so lucky to be able to work on Chandler the Robot Projects even when I'm away from home. Here in L.A, although there have been many thrills and much enjoyment,  there is still that part of the experience that makes it a little hard to sleep at night. I have constantly been experiencing slight anxiety and pressure, because I'm trying to help Dia write great songs. I'm trying to help her put out a great record, and we only have another week or two to do it. She says that she used to have all the pressure, and now that we have a little song-writing factory with her belting out lyrics in her bedroom, and me with my headphones and garage band in the living room, half of the pressure is on me. Yay, me. It's not like I haven't felt the pressure of finishing a record in due time before.

An amazing phenomenon happened to me just a few days ago. I once had a dear friend tell me that in each of us humans there is an "adult side" and a "child side". A lot of the time the "child side" takes the reighns and we begin whining and complaining, etc… 

While I felt my "child side" take over as I lay in bed one night tossing and turning with a thousand chord progressions and melodies zinging together like a pinball machine in my head, finally, FINALLY the adult woman in me took center stage. She didn't speak to me. I just felt this calm certainty, that everything would be o.k. and I slept like a feakin' baby! She's appeared quite a few times since then. I think it  helps to constantly look at the bigger picture, and remember how incredible your life REALLY is.

What has made you "alarmed" lately and how do you comfort yourself?


  1. Actually, just the other day I was alarmed - literally! I was wearing my Willie necklace I ordered from you (Thanks again!) when a classmate's bracelet got caught on it. She didn't realize it, and she pulled down.

    I looked down and I couldn't believe my eyes. I was totally alarmed as I saw Willie holding his umbrella. I picked him up and looked at the now bare chain I had around my neck.

    Even thought the classmate apologized countless times, I just couldn't get over the feeling of suddenly being un-attatched from this necklace.

    Of course I managed to fix it with a pair of pliers later on that night, but it really suprised me of how big apart of my life it had become. (Does that sound silly?)

    It was amazing how much I thought about it! It was such a habit for me to be more cautious when wearing it. I usually had to pull the necklace out over the seatbelt, or to make sure he wasn't going to get caught on anything when I stood up from my desk. Or when I was bored in class and I look down to study its cute, intricate, little details.

    I found myself still being cautious when I wasn't wearing it. It practically stays around my neck from the minute I wake up, until I go to sleep.

    Luckily, I'm still able to wear it! I love it so much!

    Just thought I'd let you know since it seems to fit well with todays question.

    PS. Sorry it's a bit long

  2. Wow, thanks for the comment! I'm glad that you are enjoying your wears:) As for me, I'm the most careless person. My band and Nick makes fun of me all the time. Still trying to work on that.

  3. As a college freshman, I'm kinda of alarmed by all the new responsibilities of college. Working on assignments for hours straight stresses me out, so it's always helpful to just take a break and walk around the campus or just curl up with a good book for half and hour or so.
    And the alarm clock earrings look like they're going to be really cute!!

  4. When am I not alarmed!?

    Haha it always seems like I'm worrying about something. With the kidding aside, I guess my most recent worry is that school is starting again for me in less than a week and I just finished a short story like two days ago, but I still need to edit it and read through it again. I don't really have a deadline, but I want to finish it before school starts because I know I won't have time afterwards.

    It's really nothing to get "alarmed" about but it always just annoys me whenever I leave something unfinished. As for how I calm myself down, I just remember that I write for fun and it's not my job or anything. Even if the story is crap and no one reads it, at least I accomplished something. Remembering that always seems to make me feel better.

  5. Gina, I know college is stressful, especially as a freshman, but when you get out you're really going to miss it. Trust me! I think about those years fondly all the time. (Hard to see right now, I know! Ha ha)

    Sunny, your advice to yourself is really great. I think it's always important to finish what you start. I'm telling that to myself write now with these songs that I'm writing with Dia. Even if they aren't turning out as I planned in the beginning. Sounds cheesy, but you learn by doing, even if the results aren't perfect.

  6. The new design is so freakin genius! Will it be availabe for necklaces too like the Willies?

  7. Well, I hadn't thought about that, but now that you mention it, yes. Yes, I think it will!

  8. Haha I've been a ball of stress for the past month or so.
    I'm taking my SAT in October, I'm taking my road test (yikes! Me on the roads. Sounds sketchy) and I've gotta start worrying about college applications. Exciting but very stressful stuff.
    I also entered this year's Atlas Shrugged essay contest, and that put me under huge amounts of stress but I think it was worth it. It'd be so awesome if I placed (cash prizes!), but even if I don't I'm really excited about what I managed to write. I kinda reached a level I didn't know I could push myself to, but I basically just locked myself in my house for a week and wrote. You get all credit for recommending the book! I've loved reading Rand immensely.

    No matter what's going on though I don't find myself getting super upset. I guess I tend to handle pressure well? Time management is a key thing for me. And scheduling time each day to just relax and forget about everything I have to do.

    The alarm clocks look super cute! I got a clock like that a few weeks ago and it scares me so much whenever it rings... but I love it anyways.

    You guys need to stop being busy. Trying to track Carlo down is getting harder every day! Haha.

  9. "Whenever I feel overwhelmed by my problems, I just put my headphones on and start signing as loud as I can...then I realize, no matter how big my problems are, they will never as bad as my singing."

    Ha! I love this quote because its hilarious, and it kinda describes me. You talked about stress, pressure, and alarming situations. My wife and I went through a storm a few years ago when an accident almost ended my time here. And the thing that got me through it, was music. Actually, it was primarily Meg and Dia coursing through my headphones :). I hope that you continue to make music, because then I'll have something to sing to, in my flat-noted, key-less, tone-deafness-ed glory. Thank you.

    from a life-long fan in Vancouver.

  10. Woah, for necklaces too! I really love watch necklaces, that's why! I'm so excited!