Sunday, September 4, 2011

Overnight Success

Nick was participating in a photo shoot with some local musicians this afternoon. He had been looking forward to this event for days now, but I couldn't help interrupting him.

"Hi. So, today I was taking my vitamins, you know the powdered kind that come in those little plastic capsules?"
"Well, I swallowed the pills and started working on jewelry, and all of a sudden out of nowhere a big cloud of smoke puffed out of my nose and I saw it in the air in front of me. I was like a real-life fire breathing dragon!"
"Yeah, I think it was the vitamin powder still in powder form that somehow found its way out of my throat and up into my nostrils, and I just puffed it out!"
"That's why you called me?"
"Huh…Well, good story."
"Thanks! Bye!"

And now, I suppose you are having about the same reaction as him, but seriously, isn't that the coolest accidental bodily function you've ever heard of?

Onto the substance of my blog.

I was reading a book today called "Rework" by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson while I was at the laundromat. (I have a thing for business books. Call it a guilty pleasure, or the inner nerd in me, or whatever.) Anyway I got to this section that reminded me so much of Dia. 

Dia is my younger sister. She's a few years younger, looks older. Age doesn't really matter with the two of us, we basically run in the same circles and have done the same things our entire lives. Some of you may be thinking "Well, duh. We know she's your sister. On with the blog." But to those of you who don't know, Dia and I are in a band called Meg and Dia. We've been playing music together for 7 years. Nick, my boyfriend plays drums. And Carlo and Jonathan, the other two members, are friends but might as well be brothers. (Tight knit, I know!)

Anyhow, recently Dia received a lot of recognition on this singing show on N.B.C. (please stay with me, all of you who consider this old news) Basically, she has this HUGE opportunity to sing for more people, more exposure, taking this thing to the next level. It was and still is a really big deal for her, and hopefully for us as well.

In the book there was this chapter called, "The Myth of the Overnight Sensation"

If I may, "You will not be a big hit right away. You will not get rich quick. You are not so special that everyone else will instantly pay attention. No one cares about you. At least not yet. Get used to it."

"You know those overnight-success stories you've heard about? It's not the whole story. Dig deeper and you'll usually find people who have busted their asses for years to get into a position where things could take off. And on the rare accession that instant success does come along, it usually doesn't last-there's no foundation there to support it.

"Trade the dream of overnight success for slow, measured growth. It's hard, but you have to be patient. You have to grind it out. You have to do it for a long time before the right people notice"

- excerpt by Jason Fried from his book "Rework" Visit there blog here

Those paragraphs made me think about Dia and the people sitting in their living rooms watching her on t.v. thinking, "Wow, look at that girl just being swept into the big lights out of nowhere!" And that's kind of ridiculous perspective to me because I've seen her in her ridiculous little outfits in county fairs in little St. George, UT (I participated and wore an outfit + cowboy hat and boots equally as ridiculous). I've seen her woman up and sleep in parking lots on tours, and in hallways in peoples' houses. I've been there when we played to 2 people in Random City, Oklahoma in a coffee shop/bar the size of my closet. Iv'e been there for tire blow outs on the road, for shows when the speakers blew out. We've done and been through it all. And the kicker? We've done this for 7 YEARS!

Over night success my ass! I'm just sayin' 


  1. Dude! That's an awesome story, my vitamins never do anything cool like that. Probably because my mom buys me gummy vitamins. They make me feel like a small child but they taste goooood.

    Very few people have put in more work than you guys have! It inspires me every day.

  2. Ahaha! The vitamin story was so cool! I would have been so interested in hearing that story, no matter how my day was going.

    I believe you when you say what you've been through. Those few people were really lucky to have seen you perform. If I was there, I would have appreciated it.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't there. I've only been a fan for about 4 or 5 months now, but I would give anything to have seen you guys perform.

    I'm keeping my eyes open for tickets in Canada!

  3. Yes! This is why I respect the hell out of you guys.

  4. LOVE this post man!

  5. Seven years ago I stumbled upon you from my small town in NJ (!). I loved you guys so much but was too young to go to a show and whatnot. Last October, I saw the band at the Barbary in Philadelphia, and some months later, Dia was on TV! I cannot believe how much y'all have grown. I've turned so many of my friends into m&d fans over the years. I feel like a proud mama!

    Love you guys forever!

  6. Fire breathing dragon, haha love the comparison.
    And most agreed, when people have no idea about a person's background and what they've been doing for the past seven years of their life, it's hardly reasonable to dub that person as an "overnight success." There's not much you guys can do to be completely rid of that assumption, sadly. Just keep getting the old band stories out there, and hopefully Dia can talk about it and people will see that all of her success has resulted from years and years of effort and hard work. Other than that, ignorant minds will be ignorant, so don't let it get to you.
    And by the way Meg, have a safe and wonderful trip to NYC for the US Open!

  7. I was one of those two people in Oklahoma! haha

  8. Meg! hahaha silly vitamin!

    I am so in love with Meg and Dia since like way way way before Dia was on TV. Dia's is definitely not an overnight success. I can't say I'm one of your original fans since I just stumbled upon and loved the band like 3 years ago. But hey I'm so proud of what you guys accomplished. And I love the fact that you got a Filipino band member! Go Carlos! :D I have always loved Meg and Dia and always will!


  9. Your blog (since myspace blogs) has been and will always be a source of inspiration.

  10. Funniest story about vitamins I've ever heard XD The people who think Dia was swept into the big lights out of nowhere have some studying to do =P I love you and your band! I saw your music video of "Monster" on Youtube a few months ago and I had to see more. I was really happy to see Dia on "The Voice". I loved her performances. I feel like you and Dia sing from your heart. I love your song "The Place Where I Feel Most Like Me". I feel the same way. I feel different in different places and learn a lot. The place where I feel most like me is Tioman Island which is off the east coast of Malaysia. It's really peaceful there. The beaches are big, the water is clear, and it has a rainforest. Where do you feel the most like you? I loved the instrumentals especially your piano part. I agree with Dia on how beautiful "Here, Here and Here" is.

  11. Whatever success now comes your way, we can all gladly say that you two deserve it wholeheartedly! I've been able to see you guys from your rising up, to your "fall downs" and struggles, and back up again... and I'm glad to see it finally being recognized.

    As for overnight sensations... Those "sensations" have been working for whatever "overnight success" they did for years... It only takes one opportunity for people to finally wake up and see what they've been working on for so long... :) Some stay, some go, but at least they now know.

    Keep being awesome. Keep fighting those fire-breathing dragons!!

  12. I've seen you play in a bar the size of your closet! It was awesome. :)
    Proud of you girls (and guys) for all you have accomplished!

  13. Ahaha! This vitamin story is the best! I completely agree, with you about this overnight celebrity business. My sister and I have followed you since you myspace blog days. You have all worked super hard. But I do have to say it was amazing to see Dia and the band go from a not very well known band to pretty well known in just a months time. We went to your concert at the triple rock and I was sad that there werent that many people. I always have thought you deserve a huge crowd. I am really glad that Dia and your band are getting more attention, you deserve it!

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  15. When people ask me what's the coolest new song I've heard, I mention a song by Maroon 5 or by Simple Plan. yes, that's how stuck up in the past I am. Primarily because I stopped listening to mainstream pop the day I learned about Meg and Dia. That was early 2006.

    I never considered myself to be a music lover but you guys changed me so much. You, Meg, are the reason why I picked up a guitar and did my best to learn it. It has been a looong, long time and you guys have been through a lot of things.

    Just to let you know, you always have us behind you. :)

    Love from the Philippines :D