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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An interview with Meg and Dia for "Keepin it Country" Blog

To read the entire interview, please visit this link: "Keepin it Country"

Thank you Lydia Picknell! Great Interview! Dia and I really appreciate it:)
(I've inserted a preview of the interview below) Lydia Picknell

Dia: You’ve been writing with Blake Shelton, and it isn’t a secret that you are still in contact with him. Can we expect any Blake and Dia work to come out soon?
Dia:  Yes!  I wrote a song with some friends (who also knew Blake) in Nashville.  The song is called, “I will,” and when I sent it to Blake he said he’d love to sing on it.  He took time out of his busy schedule to come record his part, which meant a lot to me.  He’s been so supportive through all of this….he’s working overtime as a coach.
Meg: Would you ever consider going through The Voice on your own? 
Meg: No, I would not. Singing solo is not one of my strong points, either is being judged by Christina Aguilera on national television! Not sure how Dia handled that pressure, but kudos for her and all the other constants who performed on the show.
Dia: Was it difficult going onstage at The Voice without your sister there?
Dia:  It was SO weird!  I’ve been performing with Meg for over a decade now.  (We started our first band when I was 14).  It was the first time in over 10 years that I was up on a stage all alone and it felt so weird.  It definitely made me a lot more nervous and I felt like I had a lot more pressure.
Dia: You had the chance to learn from country music legend Reba McEntire during the show. Did she give you any advice that you still listen to today? What was the best thing she, or Blake, ever told you?
Dia: Reba said to stay true to myself.  She is such a sweet lady (and man are her eyes a crystal blue! Ha!)  But I think the most important thing she said was definitely to be myself and not try to be anyone else.  When you’re competing, it’s hard to get anxious and try to do something that other’s are doing, vocally, or in their performance.  But I just had to sit myself down and say, “Ok.  You’re not a belter.  You’re not a gospel singer.  You’re not a performer who stomps and shouts all across the stage.  You’re you.”  But then I thought about the things that are unique to me and played those up.  I love to create music.  I’m a singer songwriter.  So when I got songs, I liked to put my twist on them.
Meg: You started to do your own jewelry line, (I have a black cowbot! They’re adorable!). How did that come around?
Meg: You got one of the 50 limited edition cowbots? Nice! That was one of my favorite designs.
I’m so glad you asked about Chandler the Robot! When Meg and Dia wasn’t touring or recording records, I had a lot of free time. So, I wanted to discover another creative outlet besides music. There just happened to be this adorable jewelry school that this woman started out of a cute little house down town. I walked into that place and immediately felt that exhilarating sense of excitement and anticipation that I feel when I walk into a vibe music venue or a recording studio. I knew I had found a second creative home.
The first design I made just happened to be this little copper robot necklace. I named him Chandler. I designed a jewelry blog, spread the word to Meg and Dia fans, and Chandler the Robot took off from there!
Surprisingly, my Chandler the Robot blog has been one of the best ways I am able to connect with Meg and Dia fans and let them know what the band is up to.
My next piece is going to be a Diabot necklace complete with a black and white polka dot dress. I’m so excited! I’m going to be releasing the Diabot later this month.
Anyone can see my designs and read my zany blogs on my jewelry website @

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Both Limited Edition "Diabot" designs will be released next Thursday!

I couldn't decide between one hairstyle or the other so I created two designs! The first, "Diabot Pink Cupcake", wears a black on white polka dot dress, with her black heart peeking out. She's got the straight across bangs going on as well as a hair do that would blow in the wind if she weren't a metallic robot!

"Diabot Pink Cupcake" (cupcake not included:)
I designed the "Diabot White Cupcake" with Dia's hairstyle she wore a year or to ago, side swept bangs and an asymmetrical cut in back. Her dress is white on black polka dot. A little darker than the first design, but still warm with her black heart peeping out as well.
"Diabot White Cupcake"

"First Thursday" will be the last Thursday of this month because I was away helping Dia out with her record. Thanks for the wait. I think it will be worth it!

There will be 50 Limited Edition "Diabots" available next Thursday the 27th, here on my blog. You will be able to purchase a Diabot beginning at 6:00 p.m. Central time, so please mark your calendars:) Each Diabot will include a Chandler the Robot postcard autographed by Dia.

Price: $65.00

Dia bots are made out of polymer clay, antique copper, and vintage watch parts. Diabots include a 26" antique copper chain.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dia's Music Video Shoot

Yes, she is adjusting my leggings, not admiring the holes in my attire.

Mini Frampton who's not so mini anymore!

It may look cool, but was it worth the migraine 6 hours later??? I'm not so sure...

The Frampton Sisters minus Jade. Jade wish you could have been there!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Music and Robots

The weather is perfection out here on Dia's balcony . Perfect breeze. Perfect sunshine. Perfect smells from the Eucalyptus Tree leaves below. As much as I am missing Chandler and my "mad scientist" robot workshop back home, a blazing 107 degree autumn day is not something I'm looking forward to returning to. (Hopefully Austin has cooled down a bit while I've been gone.)

Dia, Nick, Hannah, and I are traveling to San Diego this evening to watch a Dawes show. You can learn more about this band HERE. Nick and I first saw Dawes play in Austin a few months back. I haven't been moved by music like that in a long time. I'm excited to be inspired tonight. I plan to attend more live shows when I return to Austin. I live in the live music capital of the country, and I've hardly taken advantage of my city so far.

I also plan on playing music with a lot more musicians back home. True, I don't know many yet. Mostly I've played it pretty low key, designing and making robots mostly in my casa, but being out in L.A. has really inspired me to dive into live  music a little more and to learn as much as I can from other artists. 

I met a guitarist yesterday (the studio musician who played on a song I wrote for Dia's record). I asked him if he might be interested in teaching. I was surprised by his reply. He was almost offended I had asked and said, 

"Becoming a teacher is the death of a musician. I don't know enough of that theory stuff to teach. Besides, you can't teach a person style and feel. You can't learn that from someone else either. You can practice and practice in your room all day, but once you get out on a stage somewhere, all that practicing goes out the window. It's really important to play with people all the time." 

Remember this was coming from one of the most amazing musicians I have come by. It's interesting to note that all of the incredible professional studio musicians I have met thus far have never taken a lesson.

Aside from tracking guitar parts and song writing, I've also been involved in the production process on a track or two on Dia's record. I'm always a little timid offering my humble suggestions to the professionals, but so far the producers have always taken my musical opinions into consideration. I have been picking the brains of these producers and am so grateful to hear their advice and learn from their decades of experience.

I will be here for a week and a couple more days. Immediately when I get home, I will get my hands good and dirty with polymer clay and whip up a "Dia Bot" like ya'll have never seen before! A lot of the pieces that you might have noticed are not currently in my shop will be put back up. I'm finalizing my Alarm Clock Earrings. They will be released this month as well. And then, what do you know, it's right on into November's "First Thursday" piece. 

If anyone is curious at all about what I've been up to out here, or if you have any questions about music or the recording process, I would love to offer my answers. Also, if you have any questions about Chandler the Robot feel free to ask:) Can't wait to get back.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Dia's Birthday Bash!

Green tea ice cream!

Taking a break from stuffing ourselves with Bulgogi for a photo

As many Korean side dishes as there are colors to a rainbow

Jonathan Snyder masters the art of using chopsticks.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vote on your fav "Dia Bot" design

Happy Birthday Dia!!!

You know, I've never stopped to think about it, but its kind of crazy that I'm turning my sister into a robot. (Hope she's o.k. with it... We'll see. I'm joking, I'm joking. I asked her before hand of course!)

I came up with 2 designs and I couldn't decide. So, since I'm making this for you guys, and I know you all have excellent taste, I need your input. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

This design will be only in shades of black, white, and grey. It will be the smoother, more elegant robot.  More feminine.   It was Dia's idea to add the beauty mark. She also thought her hair looked like a helmet, so should the hair be flipped in instead?

This design is more "casual", more of a "hanging out" deal. The biggest difference is the curly hair. The tee will be sea foam green and beige stripes.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shop Announcement: First Thursday Will Be Postponed a Few Weeks

As everyone knows, First Thursday was supposed to be in 5 days. Unfortunately I'm delaying the release of this piece a few weeks. On the upside of the situation I'm going to be staying with Dia in L.A. a little longer to help her make the finishing touches on her record. I couldn't resist the offer. There is nothing I love more than hanging out in recording studios and working with creative musicians (besides making robots of course).

Believe me, whenever Dia would mention staying longer, I kept exclaiming, "But Dia! My robots!" She tried to convince me to buy all new tools and equipment or have my tools shipped here, but there is just too much that goes into the process. Plus, I don't want to skimp out on any of my designs ever, and so I made the executive decision to stay in L.A and delay. Hey, that rhymed!

I love "First Thursdays" and I hope that I will be home for most of them during the year, but I do know that sometimes I will be touring or working on records, so I hope ya'll will bear with my crazy schedule and accept "2nd" and even "3rd First Thursdays".  Sheesh!

I'm still going to show you the sketches I've dreamed up, tomorrow on her birthday, because I'm just too excited about this project. After I released Stupendous Chandler last month, I kept thinking how I was going to top that design and I think I did! Thank you for all of your comments on my blog post below about the "Dia Bot". You all gave me some great ideas. Thank you for your patience on this piece too! Dia was kind enough to autograph some Chandler post cards that will go with the Dia Bot, and this design is going to be worth the wait!