Saturday, October 22, 2011

Both Limited Edition "Diabot" designs will be released next Thursday!

I couldn't decide between one hairstyle or the other so I created two designs! The first, "Diabot Pink Cupcake", wears a black on white polka dot dress, with her black heart peeking out. She's got the straight across bangs going on as well as a hair do that would blow in the wind if she weren't a metallic robot!

"Diabot Pink Cupcake" (cupcake not included:)
I designed the "Diabot White Cupcake" with Dia's hairstyle she wore a year or to ago, side swept bangs and an asymmetrical cut in back. Her dress is white on black polka dot. A little darker than the first design, but still warm with her black heart peeping out as well.
"Diabot White Cupcake"

"First Thursday" will be the last Thursday of this month because I was away helping Dia out with her record. Thanks for the wait. I think it will be worth it!

There will be 50 Limited Edition "Diabots" available next Thursday the 27th, here on my blog. You will be able to purchase a Diabot beginning at 6:00 p.m. Central time, so please mark your calendars:) Each Diabot will include a Chandler the Robot postcard autographed by Dia.

Price: $65.00

Dia bots are made out of polymer clay, antique copper, and vintage watch parts. Diabots include a 26" antique copper chain.


  1. Yikes! I'm taking my Driving test Thursday at 6 CST! This'll be hard to do, haha but I'll make it work. A Diabot AND a driver's licence would certainly make Thursday nice.

  2. Adorable!!
    cupcake not included?...awww
    Both versions are so cute :)

  3. Cute! I cannot decide which one to get! And similarly to emilieg, I have to work at 6 CST! Guess I'll have to be a little late lol.

    Meg, just curious, will November's First Thursday be on time or pushed back?

  4. November's First Thursday will be on time:)

  5. I must have them both!! O_O Lol now I can't wait until Thursday. :)

  6. Meg, you always make the coolest robots.

    A girl came up to me today and told me that she had a robot necklace too. I excitedly asked her, "you have a Chandler?!" All I got was a funny look and something about Forever 21... Oh well, haha.

    Also, I hope working on the record went well. I'm really curious about the new music video though. Fight scenes? War paint? An antler in Meg's hair? What is going on?!

  7. Since I can't decide I will buy them both, but where is the beauty mark? I also saw a camera & hot air balloon necklace of yours I must have. Love your music & jewelry. You are very talented.
    Your antler was awesome, as were all your sister's hair in video. Will be seeing you, Dia, and the band in Reno in March.

  8. Please let me get oneee! I hope so! It's my birthday this week and I want to treat myself. :)

  9. I wanted to put the beauty mark on the face, but there just wasn't enough room. ha ha. I have to be really careful not to "over-do" my designs:)

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  11. will there be more after 50 are sold out? :( i seriously ran out of money last week and didnt see this until today! and im scared to ask my parents.:\

  12. MEG IM POOR THIS WEEK!!! I HAD THE MONEY TO BUT I HAD TO LEND IT TO MY MOM!! :'( <<<< first time i actually put a crying sad face and actually cried.

  13. ahh! i wish my paycheck was bigger. do you accept manual labor as a form of payment? hahaha

  14. So I'm about like a month late. But I would totally buy The White Cupcake one.