Monday, October 3, 2011

Dia's Birthday Bash!

Green tea ice cream!

Taking a break from stuffing ourselves with Bulgogi for a photo

As many Korean side dishes as there are colors to a rainbow

Jonathan Snyder masters the art of using chopsticks.


  1. Never been to a Korean restaurant with such dim lighting before. It must be fancy! What's the black stuff in the third picture? I'm guessing it's some fungus/mushroom, but I've never seen it ate at any KBBQ place.

  2. seeing you guys back together really made my day. ive missed going to your shows so much, so seeing everyone hanging out was awesome. =)

  3. Sheesh! I thought it was seaweed, but I saw no greenish color to it and second guessed.

    Ditto to the post above. Seeing y'all together again made my day too. Oh and the band's news that was released today WOW! Lots of smiling faces across the nation for sure (^_^)

  4. completely agree with Nick's comment. :)
    And Korean bbq + green tea ice cream... what a wonderful treat. Glad to see that it looks like Dia had a pretty sweet birthday!

  5. OMG...Totally non-stalker status I promise!!

    Did y'all eat at Genwa? I was watching food network's chopped & I heard a fancy word. Tried to google it by spelling Genwa... Search results came and the first thing I saw was kbbq with that golden grill & sides you have pictured above!

    GĂ©noise was the word I wanted to find. Heh, they could have said SPONGE CAKE!

  6. hearing the songs Dia has been writing with others is exciting, but the next CD of Meg & Dia is what I've been waiting for... this year? :)