Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shop Announcement: First Thursday Will Be Postponed a Few Weeks

As everyone knows, First Thursday was supposed to be in 5 days. Unfortunately I'm delaying the release of this piece a few weeks. On the upside of the situation I'm going to be staying with Dia in L.A. a little longer to help her make the finishing touches on her record. I couldn't resist the offer. There is nothing I love more than hanging out in recording studios and working with creative musicians (besides making robots of course).

Believe me, whenever Dia would mention staying longer, I kept exclaiming, "But Dia! My robots!" She tried to convince me to buy all new tools and equipment or have my tools shipped here, but there is just too much that goes into the process. Plus, I don't want to skimp out on any of my designs ever, and so I made the executive decision to stay in L.A and delay. Hey, that rhymed!

I love "First Thursdays" and I hope that I will be home for most of them during the year, but I do know that sometimes I will be touring or working on records, so I hope ya'll will bear with my crazy schedule and accept "2nd" and even "3rd First Thursdays".  Sheesh!

I'm still going to show you the sketches I've dreamed up, tomorrow on her birthday, because I'm just too excited about this project. After I released Stupendous Chandler last month, I kept thinking how I was going to top that design and I think I did! Thank you for all of your comments on my blog post below about the "Dia Bot". You all gave me some great ideas. Thank you for your patience on this piece too! Dia was kind enough to autograph some Chandler post cards that will go with the Dia Bot, and this design is going to be worth the wait!



  1. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. This is convenient for me 'cause I'm a bit broke right now anyways ;)
    Stoked to see what you've got!!

  2. It's awesome that you'll be helping out with Dia's record some more. All of this makes me so happy! lol Can't wait to see what awesomeness you've come up with this time!

  3. I can't wait. I just told Stupendous Bob-omb and Chandler and they are both stoked as well. They will probably end up fighting over the Dia-bot! :D haha

    So glad you are finishing up the album with Dia as well. I can not wait to hear it! Finish that 1st cause 1st Thursdays can even be 4th Thursdays! :D

  4. Ahh pooey... I guess my first purchase at age 21 will have to be something else. Maybe it'll be a drink or these super awesome shoes with YOUR NAME on it! I customized the shoes and they've has been in the back of my mind for several months now.

    I'm ready for tomorrow's sketch and Dia's newest song or dare I say it?! NEWEST SINGLE! =D

    Anyhow, don't be weird'd out if one day I meet you and proceed ask you to sign my shoe. I promise to keep it smelling like fresh linens + clean hahah

  5. oh, oh! I forgot since you are staying in LA a bit longer... I'd suggest you try Brodard Restaurant. Their super special scrumptious Vietnamese dish is the Nem Neoung Coung.I'm guessing to be about 80% of the people people order who eat there order it. You could totally order this for take out. The place tends to get very busy & the band might get notice if y'all eat there. ;)

    Also if you're able take Dia to this place! Baked goods galore! Cheese rolls are very-very delicious. Lots of people like their empanadas too.

  6. This will be like being a kid again waiting for xmas morning! Isn't the wait half the fun? I agree that staying and helping Dia with the record is a good choice, we'll still be here when the Diabot comes out. I can't wait! Well yes I can and I will..oh hell, you know what I mean. :)

  7. I'm just curious, are the rest of the frampton sisters this creative? It seems to me like you and Dia stole all the creativity genes from the family pool.

  8. I was going to have my first Chandler ordered on my birthday and it was going to be a dia-bot. Oh, well ill have to wait :). Oh crap...... I hope you release it when i have money DX

  9. Thanks for understanding. I knew you guys would! ElectricRonin, our younger sisters are SUPER athletic. Jade is a crazy tennis player. I could have used some of those genes. ha ha!

  10. I like one a lot! (I like both though too)