Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Tonight Show

"Can you grab me a water?" Nick asks me as he stares at the highway ahead. We are driving across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to Los Angeles where we will begin our rushed three-day practice to prepare for Jay Leno. I hoist a booted left foot up over my passenger side arm-rest. After that, I shove my knee into an open crevice on the first bench in between a guitar, a lap top, and a box of wine, while holding on to the "Oh shit!" bars. The next maneuver takes draping my upper body over the first bench, so I'm hinged at the waist with my legs flailing behind me. All the while I'm thinking to myself, "I'm 27 years old! Why does this stuff still happen to me?! I ought to be quietly doing the dishes and listening to Christmas carols on the stereo in my kitchen with three little puppies around my ankles!" I yank a water bottle out from underneath the second bench while the inertia of our moving vehicle is in my favor, repeat the process over in reverse, and I plop back in the passenger seat. Piece of cake. Here Nick. Here's your damn water bottle!

(Disclaimer: Nick just read this and he said "It's a little dramatic, and you are making me out to be the bad guy." So, I should mention that Nick drove the entire trip, so me handing him a water bottle is tiny compared to what he went through without any help from me!)

We've played "The Broken Ones" 278 times. I was trying out this new technique I was reading about in a book called, "Effortless Mastery" by Kenny Werner. It has a "spiritual" outlook on playing music, more of a "don't think, just feel approach". The excercise mentioned in the book said to "feel" the song and try to come out of your body and watch yourself playing from above. I tried this method the first half of our first practice and was feeling very "transcendental" and "groovy". I hardly had to focus at all! Then I listened to the playback of a recording we made of the rehearsal. 

It doesn't work.

I always feel a little anxiety when we practice for events that spring up on us such late notice. My manager's face was more than a little concerned after we performed for him at the end of the first day of practice. He said we sounded like "We haven't played together for a year" which makes sense because: we haven't played together for a year. We had an intense band meeting which consisted of Dia suggesting that we need "back up singers and violinists". 


We can do that?

O.K. then I'd like three trombone players, a cellist, and some medieval clowns juggling fire just off to the right of the grand piano please.

My request didn't work out. The back up singers are pretty cool though.

I hope you guys can tune into Jay Leno this Friday night because…well...

there we will be, Smilin' and waving'!


Monday, November 21, 2011

"Stupendous Chandler" 3rd Batch Now Available!

The third batch of "Stupendous Chandler" is now available on my website ( along with my new Mistletoe and "Out of Time" Earrings! Please note that the Stupendous Chandlers will not be numbered or come with any certificates of authentication. Those extra items are reserved for those who ordered the first batches of First Thursday designs.
Also, check out all the sale items I have available. After this year, I'll have new robot designs, so now is your last chance to snag a Monica or a Joey!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Performance at the St. Johns Town Center Holiday Spectular in Jacksonville, Florida

Silver Chandler goes better with blue crushed velvet.

Celebrating after the lighting ceremony and fireworks, and those were some incredible fireworks.

She's getting what she wants for Christmas...

Weeding Through the Rubble Chords

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Step by Step

I get asked this question a lot, "What steps should I take as an artist just starting out?"

So, I thought I would take a moment to answer how the "step-by-step" process went for Meg and Dia.

Step 1. Form band. Find your new drummer and bass player in front of a local Mexican restaurant. Also, sometimes you can use the dude that your dating. (I used this method to find the first bass player for Meg and Dia. Wouldn't recommend it for obvious reasons.) Sometimes the band member becomes the dude that you're dating (I WOULD recommend this for obvious reasons:)

Step 2. Write songs. (Pretty straight forward)

Step 3a. Fund recording. Back when we first started we used the method called: parents. It worked pretty well for us…

Step 3b. Record songs.

Step 4. Find a vehicle. Make the drummer do the driving. (Drummers don't mind driving, because they get an opportunity to practice their beats on the steering wheel.) Please note: Never let the singer drive! They will listen to Michael Jackson on repeat volume level 11, and the only thing they're driving crazy!

Step 5. Send out demos to record labels. We actually drove from Utah to L.A. to find Capitol Records. We proceeded to sing a song (Santa Barbara) to a man who we thought was the A.R. guy at the label (janitor). You can see why we had little success that attempt.

Step 6. Go to a local show and make friends with the drunk merch guy of the band playing from out of town.

Step 7. Go to college.

Step 8. Drop out of college to prepare for becoming a rock star. Inform parents and tell them your plans by telephone, but make sure they are sitting down before you tell them. (That part is important!)

Step 9. Tell your sister who sings in the band to drop out of Highschool so you can start the band.

Step 10. Call the drunk merch guy back. 

Step 11. The drunk merch guy has major connections and gets you a showcase with three indie labels.

Step 12. Sign to Indie Label

Step 13. Get a boost up to a major label

Step 14. Get dropped from major label.

And that's about how the story goes. This is usually where the story ends. But wait!

Step 15. Sister/singer of the band competes on National Television and wins 2nd place

Step 16. Band goes on an Arena Tour with Blake Shelton and requests only brown m&m's in the green room!

Follow these steps religiously, and I'm sure you will get nowhere near your dream (I'm still confused as to how these steps got us ours), but at least you'll have a great time!

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Chandler the Robot Website!!!

Chandler the Robot is moving to a new website! Please visit my brand new Chandler the Robot website at:

There you will find my shop and all the designs are available. You may have noticed there is no longer an option to purchase Chandler jewelry on this blog. This blog will now be exclusively the new "Girl On the Road" blog. I imagine I'll write a bit about Chandler here and there, and keep everyone informed, but mostly I want to share with everyone stories from the road previously traveled, and stories from the road that will be traveled! I wasn't aware that people were so curious about my experiences being a female musician and traveling. Well, I would love to pick a classic road warrior's (like Arethra Franklin's per say...) brain, about her traveling as a female musician, but even a modest indie rocker has something to say!

I'm excited about the new format. Let me know what you guys think about the new look!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Clean Your Chandler

Last week I asked ya'll if you could find some directions on how to clean Chandler.

imkcruz and Kali Boo are the official winners of the "Clean Chandler" Contest. They were both similar in that they took great before and after photos, had simple directions, and used regular household items that are accessible to everyone. (No, I didn't tell you guys exactly what I was looking for because then everyone would get it right! haha)
So Kali and imkruz, if you guys could kindly email me @ we will work out your winning arrangements.

I'd also like to award a 50% off coupon on everything in my etsy store to Eric Lee UWS, Gemini, MEgDia_fan, JB, and IJChan223 for your tremendous efforts. Thank you to all for taking the time and really helping me out. (I would recommend you wait to use your coupons. At the beginning of December I will have a few Christmas pieces up in my etsy shop as well as a few of the First Thursday pieces that you might have missed out on previously this year.)

You guys can email me too at with "Clean Chandler" as the subject and in the content of the email please include your blogger username so I know you qualify.

Kalli Boo's Directions:

How I cleaned my Chandler:

1.Make a solution out of warm water, a few drops of lemon or lime juice (I used lime juice), and a teaspoon of salt. Mix it thoroughly.

2. Let Chandler sit in this solution for 5-10 minutes.

3. Remove Chandler from the solution and rinse him thoroughly. If he's not quite to your standard yet, repeat the above steps.

4. Polish him off with a polishing cloth and then he's as good as new! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

CTR And Kimberlin Winners Announced!

And now to announce the winners of the Chandler The Robot + Kimberlin Silver Co. giveaway! We have over 300 entries on this one! Thanks so much to everyone who entered! And the winners are:

Chander the Robot:

Kimberlin Silver Co.:

If you're one of these lucky winners, check your inbox! We sent you instructions on what to do next! Thanks again to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for future giveaways! 

-Meg & Eric

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This giveaway will have not one, but TWO lucky winners! Etsy shop owners and musicians, Meg Frampton & Eric Bowley, are teaming up to offer some incredible prizes in this giveaway! 
Chandler The Robot (Meg) will be giving away ONE gorgeous robot necklace made from polymer clay, antique copper, and vintage watch parts. Each necklace is carefully handmade with love and hangs on an 26” antique copper chain. Kimberlin Silver Co. (Eric) will be giving away ONE vintage silver spoon ring made from the handle of an antique silver spoon. Each spoon ring is made after carefully handpicking the spoon from an antique store and bent into the shape of an elegant ring.
This giveaway is open worldwide, ANYBODY can participate! Winners will be chosen via on Friday, November 11th.
Log in to your Facebook account and go to both links below. Click the “Like” button with the little thumbs-up at the top of the page!
  1. Chandler the Robot
  2. Kimberlin Silver Co.
Go back to your Facebook wall and write a status update about how you’d like to win this giveaway contest.
Include a photo of one of products (a robot necklace or a spoon ring) that you’d like to win! You can see of our products by visiting our Etsy shops:
Paste this at the end: “You can win too! Visit: or to enter!"
Send an email to: with your full name! This is how we will contact you if you win. Only one entry per person, please!
Watch your inbox on Friday, November 11th to see if you won! If you did, we will contact you to confirm that you complied with all of the contest steps.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

You're Chance to Earn a Free Chandler Piece of Your Choice!

O.K. Here is the deal. I'm so busy finishing up these Diabots at the moment (so I can send them out to you guys early next week), I haven't had the time to research a question a few of you have been asking me, which is:

"Dear Meg,
  I have had my Chandler for awhile. How can I clean him?"

I started to look up the answer, but I wouldn't want to post my answer until I've tested it out. I thought, why not have some of you test it out for me?

So, if anyone would like an opportunity to earn a free Chandler the Robot piece of jewelry of your choice, take a "before" and "after" photo of your Chandler and your Chandler who has just had a bath, and post some directions in the comments below about how to clean him. I'll choose the answer I'm looking for, and that person will receive their free Chandler.

This offer ends next Sunday.

Good luck!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

"The American Spirit"

I would like to put a spotlight on some friends of mine here in Austin. They are a rock band called, "The American Spirit". You do need to see them live in order to feel the full effect, but since most of you can't, here is the next best thing:

Their new EP "SPACES" was just released a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to sing on their track called, "Come Outside". Please check them out. They need some serious lovin' from you guys:)

Nick plays drums for them, so I might be a bit biased...

Friday, November 4, 2011

All or Nothing

I day dream a lot. Lately I've imagined myself onstage in the ridiculous outfits I've recently purchased. (Dia is a pop act now so anything goes!). My daydream goes two ways. Sometimes the show is perfection, and those crazy stage lights blind me, and I feel like I'm in heaven and at the top of the world living everyone's dream. Other times, I imagine myself tripping over the keyboard stand, ripping my dress that I spent an entire paycheck on, and rolling off the stage into a crowd that separates once they realize I'm about to smash them. (You've seen the youtube videos, the ones where the crowd surfer dives to his doom once everyone decides his life isn't worth preserving.) 

I bought these heels a few days ago. They are the super platform kind, the kind of shoes that you almost need ski poles to aid you while your walking. I'm always grabbing on to Nick's arm, steering clear of threatening potholes. Whenever my death-grip cuts off his circulation, he asks me in a slightly annoyed tone, 

"Why do you wear those kinds of shoes anyway?" 
"I'm trying to become familiar with them so I can wear them on stage!" I grunt with effort. 
"Why, so you can be like every other guitar-playing chick in high heels?" 
"What female shreds in high heels?" I growl back. 
"Joan Jett."
"That broad's a punk rocker! She tromps around stage in chuck tailors, come on!" (Like I used to, I think to myself, as I recall fond memories of the simple touring days.) 

It was at that point that my stellar heel hit a pot hole, and I face planted in pavement. I think the universe was on Nick's side of the argument…

Worrying about an event far off in the future doesn't do any good. In fact, one's performance in any given situation depends mostly on one's confidence. I used to think that advice was a crock of crap only a few months ago, but a couple recent experiences have changed my mind.

Do any of you remember seeing my "back-flip off the rope swing" youtube video? Before I jumped to my death, instead of thinking, "Good lord, my face is about to be imprinted on those jagged rocks below me," I took hold of that mossy rope and decided right then and there that I could do it. "It's the same thing as a trampoline. I've done a million back flips. I'm going to show those six year olds in their inner tubes below me who is boss woman!" I thought.

And I did it. 

And then I did it again.

And then every beer-guzzling, lake-drifter and sunbathing-diva were asking me for advice, watching for the next time my turn came up to evaluate how I executed my superb "back-flipping technique".

The second time I surprised myself happened while I was gripping the handles of Nick's scooter. God, I hate motorcycles and scooters, and anything mechanical on wheels without a windshield or passenger side doors. It just seems like all it would take is a tiny gust of wind, and then you're road kill. I rode around on a death-machine recently, sitting behind Nick, gripping his stomach, enjoying the wind ratting my hair up into one big clump on the back of my neck. The afternoon was lovely. I felt a like a googly-eyed kid on her first ride of Disneylands "It's a Small World". Not a responsibility in the world. All I had to do was hold on. Then Nick had to ask me "if I wanted to drive?" 

"Well, sure." I put on a macho front. I'm like Marty McFly. No one better call me "chicken". So we disembarked and traded places in the Barnes n' Noble parking lot to practice. True, I was having a rough time with the turns. Instead of speeding up and taking them smooth, I slowed down to a snails pace to the point that both of us would wobble over and Nick would have to put his feet down to explain that "Speed is on our side when it comes to turning." "That's what YOU think." I thought to myself. I reasoned in my head that the slower we traveled the softer we would fall when we CRASHED!

He hesitated when it came to letting me drive us home on an actual ROAD road filled with other vehicles, and although I truly didn't want to be in charge of both of our lives, I took the lead.  I decided, I can either "chicken" out, and we can wobble our way to death by embarrassment on our way home, or I can quit being a pansy and just drive the thing.

I took hold of the handles, pressed down on the accelerator, floored that baby if you will, and I was a rockstar on that scooter! Meg the Rockstar Scooter Driver. Has a nice ring to it. 

Once again, I had zero experience. Nick had zero (if not negative) expectations, but I decided I was going to do it. The confidence went up, and the performance went up.

It's all or nothing, baby. Let's ride!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter Chandler Sold Out!!

Thanks to everyone who ordered! I'm going to wrap these up super cute and get them out to you pronto!!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November's "First thursday": Winter Chandler!

Roasted Chestnuts, fresh pine, and pink noses...Winter is on its way, and "First Thursday" is back on track! For those of you who are new to my blog, I release a Special Limited Edition design the First Thursday of every month right here on this blog. November's First Thursday will be this Thursday, the 3rd at 1:00 p.m. Central Time. I will have 50 of these little guys available:)
Winter Chandler is about 2" high. Chain is 30". (The actual color of piece is a little more rustic "evergreen" hue than in photo. I'm experimenting in brass metals!) Each piece is $40.00