Saturday, November 5, 2011

"The American Spirit"

I would like to put a spotlight on some friends of mine here in Austin. They are a rock band called, "The American Spirit". You do need to see them live in order to feel the full effect, but since most of you can't, here is the next best thing:

Their new EP "SPACES" was just released a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to sing on their track called, "Come Outside". Please check them out. They need some serious lovin' from you guys:)

Nick plays drums for them, so I might be a bit biased...


  1. I bought their album and I love it. I've been playing it in my car for the past week when I drive up to school every morning. I love the country-rock feel and the harmonies, especially on the track you sing on.

    It said to make "my best offer" when I bought it, so I put $7.00. Hope that's good enough?

  2. nick is a permanent member for The American Spirit...?

  3. Do they have a website? Or a blog? I want to learn more about them. Are they going on a tour anytime soon?

    Thank you for sharing them, now I know about them! :)