Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Tonight Show

"Can you grab me a water?" Nick asks me as he stares at the highway ahead. We are driving across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to Los Angeles where we will begin our rushed three-day practice to prepare for Jay Leno. I hoist a booted left foot up over my passenger side arm-rest. After that, I shove my knee into an open crevice on the first bench in between a guitar, a lap top, and a box of wine, while holding on to the "Oh shit!" bars. The next maneuver takes draping my upper body over the first bench, so I'm hinged at the waist with my legs flailing behind me. All the while I'm thinking to myself, "I'm 27 years old! Why does this stuff still happen to me?! I ought to be quietly doing the dishes and listening to Christmas carols on the stereo in my kitchen with three little puppies around my ankles!" I yank a water bottle out from underneath the second bench while the inertia of our moving vehicle is in my favor, repeat the process over in reverse, and I plop back in the passenger seat. Piece of cake. Here Nick. Here's your damn water bottle!

(Disclaimer: Nick just read this and he said "It's a little dramatic, and you are making me out to be the bad guy." So, I should mention that Nick drove the entire trip, so me handing him a water bottle is tiny compared to what he went through without any help from me!)

We've played "The Broken Ones" 278 times. I was trying out this new technique I was reading about in a book called, "Effortless Mastery" by Kenny Werner. It has a "spiritual" outlook on playing music, more of a "don't think, just feel approach". The excercise mentioned in the book said to "feel" the song and try to come out of your body and watch yourself playing from above. I tried this method the first half of our first practice and was feeling very "transcendental" and "groovy". I hardly had to focus at all! Then I listened to the playback of a recording we made of the rehearsal. 

It doesn't work.

I always feel a little anxiety when we practice for events that spring up on us such late notice. My manager's face was more than a little concerned after we performed for him at the end of the first day of practice. He said we sounded like "We haven't played together for a year" which makes sense because: we haven't played together for a year. We had an intense band meeting which consisted of Dia suggesting that we need "back up singers and violinists". 


We can do that?

O.K. then I'd like three trombone players, a cellist, and some medieval clowns juggling fire just off to the right of the grand piano please.

My request didn't work out. The back up singers are pretty cool though.

I hope you guys can tune into Jay Leno this Friday night because…well...

there we will be, Smilin' and waving'!



  1. I'm excited for you guys. It makes me wish I had TV... haha.

  2. stoked. you guys will do just fine (better than, actually)

  3. Congratulations and good luck! I'll be sure to watch you :)

  4. AHHHH!!!! I seriously cannot wait to see yall!! I have to record it :( but yall are going to be awesome I just know it!! Congratulations!!

    p.s. that drive must of sucked!! haha

  5. You guys are very funny. Sound like a typical couple. When I read this, I had a deja vu moment about past car trips. I love the fact that you are on the Tonight Show! You guys would have your own show if I had any say. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see it and read the blog after that experience.

  6. yowza! so excited, im sure you guys are gonna be great! i second the fire juggling clowns.

  7. Heck yes, I will tune in! I'm not a big fan of late night talk shows, but y'all are worth every second. I look forward to not only the singing, but the waving and smiling too. =D

  8. jeez! such a long drive. does nick prefer driving? this is such an amazing journey to witness. from 2005 to now. playing in super small venues ala balazo gallery in san francisco to JAY LENO. YAY

  9. Strapping a Camelbak to the back of the driver's seat works like a charm for long drives. It eliminates the need to fumble with water bottles and you dont need to worry about spills either.

    You guys will do great! Can't wait to see you all on TV. :)

  10. Good luck! I hope all of the rehearsals pay off.

  11. Just saw the performance! Like the fact you were up front, Meg, so we can see you on camera. You guys were great. Quite glamorous too. Nice shoes. Nick never looked better. Hope that you guys get more gigs on TV soon.