Thursday, November 17, 2011

Step by Step

I get asked this question a lot, "What steps should I take as an artist just starting out?"

So, I thought I would take a moment to answer how the "step-by-step" process went for Meg and Dia.

Step 1. Form band. Find your new drummer and bass player in front of a local Mexican restaurant. Also, sometimes you can use the dude that your dating. (I used this method to find the first bass player for Meg and Dia. Wouldn't recommend it for obvious reasons.) Sometimes the band member becomes the dude that you're dating (I WOULD recommend this for obvious reasons:)

Step 2. Write songs. (Pretty straight forward)

Step 3a. Fund recording. Back when we first started we used the method called: parents. It worked pretty well for us…

Step 3b. Record songs.

Step 4. Find a vehicle. Make the drummer do the driving. (Drummers don't mind driving, because they get an opportunity to practice their beats on the steering wheel.) Please note: Never let the singer drive! They will listen to Michael Jackson on repeat volume level 11, and the only thing they're driving crazy!

Step 5. Send out demos to record labels. We actually drove from Utah to L.A. to find Capitol Records. We proceeded to sing a song (Santa Barbara) to a man who we thought was the A.R. guy at the label (janitor). You can see why we had little success that attempt.

Step 6. Go to a local show and make friends with the drunk merch guy of the band playing from out of town.

Step 7. Go to college.

Step 8. Drop out of college to prepare for becoming a rock star. Inform parents and tell them your plans by telephone, but make sure they are sitting down before you tell them. (That part is important!)

Step 9. Tell your sister who sings in the band to drop out of Highschool so you can start the band.

Step 10. Call the drunk merch guy back. 

Step 11. The drunk merch guy has major connections and gets you a showcase with three indie labels.

Step 12. Sign to Indie Label

Step 13. Get a boost up to a major label

Step 14. Get dropped from major label.

And that's about how the story goes. This is usually where the story ends. But wait!

Step 15. Sister/singer of the band competes on National Television and wins 2nd place

Step 16. Band goes on an Arena Tour with Blake Shelton and requests only brown m&m's in the green room!

Follow these steps religiously, and I'm sure you will get nowhere near your dream (I'm still confused as to how these steps got us ours), but at least you'll have a great time!


  1. Meg! I'm gonna major in music business next year. I'm beyond stoked. This makes me excited. I want music adventures too, dammit!

  2. Haha! This literally made me laugh out loud :)
    Meg, what did you study in your time at college?

  3. hahaha hilarious. i literally imagined step 1 to 16 in my head!

  4. ahaha this brought a smile to my face.
    It's almost like a time line :)

  5. Kristinanicole23,

    I was a wandering undergrad. I switched from art to business to architecture all within the same month, and I don't remember what I ended up actually declaring.

  6. Step 14b. Never give up. Do whatever it takes to keep writing and recording new music, including turning your mom's basement into a soundstage.

    Seriously, your perseverance is awesome, and you have a stronger band because of it. :)

  7. Step 15 (from a new fan’s point of view): hear dia on TV for the first time and say, "Oh I HAVE to hear more of this girl"...head to youtube and realize "Oh wow she's got a lot of cover vids… Imma watch ‘em all"...then…"Wait a minute who is the other girl in this video?"...other girl begins to sing..."OMG! that is vocal heaven right there"…find out the girl (now twice as good with the addition of her sister and band) is not just an incredible voice, but also an amazing writer/musician. And not only that… she and her (equally talented) sister have been around for years and have several albums out! Buys hardcopy of every album…then buys the downloads too, just to support such true talent…anxiously awaits Step 16 and hopes for Step 17: Meg&Dia release their next album?!? …or… Meg does another solo video?!? (hint: the second would be much easier;)

  8. I also liked how you persevered too. I've imagined that "Weeding through the Rubble" makes reference to this. At least that's what I thought when I heard it. Or am I off?

  9. this was the best thing Ive read in a long time! and I get everything loll. your the best Meg. :)

  10. Wait, is all of Meg & Dia going to be on the Blake Shelton tour, or just Dia?? I bought tickets already and I'm so excited!

  11. ALL of Meg and Dia is going to be touring with her!!! Yeah, baby:)

  12. I've been listening to your band for several years, and I've always thought that even if you didn't get the recognition you deserved for being such talented musicians and song writers that they had the perseverance of staying power. Now that you are getting the recognition (At least I hope!) I'm still telling people that you are the little band that could, and did, and will continue to do so.

    This entry of your blog made me smile, because it reminded me of when I saw Meg & Dia at Warped Tour - that you didn't seem happy with where you were (It was 2009 shortly after Here, Here, & Here came out) [Also, you sounded excellent live - it was my first time seeing Meg & Dia live and I had goosebumps!] When I saw the band for the second time during "The Gang Goes On Tour..." the band seemed in a much happier place despite the stress of the tour and the fact that you were doing this all yourselves. The band seemed to be in a much happier place. I got to meet you, Meg and Dia and even though I was hyperventilating with excitement you both were very sweet to me and didn't laugh at my inability to tell you that I absolutely loved the EP and conveniently forgot to ask for a picture...

    Basically - what I'm trying to say instead of continuously rambling - is that this made me smile - and even though you were dropped from a major record label, you showed them who's boss ;) haha

  13. This makes me laugh, I've been listening to you guys for years- got my husband hooked way before Dia sang on The Voice :) Your sound is absolutely incredible!

  14. I love this! I've been avid fan since the beginning (Our Home Is Gone)! I was surprised when Dia went on The Voice, but I'm so happy she did!

    My question is: Is there still going to be a "Meg & Dia" or just Dia? How does the rest of the band feel about the change?