Monday, November 21, 2011

"Stupendous Chandler" 3rd Batch Now Available!

The third batch of "Stupendous Chandler" is now available on my website ( along with my new Mistletoe and "Out of Time" Earrings! Please note that the Stupendous Chandlers will not be numbered or come with any certificates of authentication. Those extra items are reserved for those who ordered the first batches of First Thursday designs.
Also, check out all the sale items I have available. After this year, I'll have new robot designs, so now is your last chance to snag a Monica or a Joey!


  1. When I saw that the 'Out of Time' earrings and the Mistletoe earings were up, I thought you had released the Winter Chandler too.

    Oh well, I'll just have to be patient :)

    And yes, @soupNcrackers, just because I happen to comment first, doesn't mean I creepily watch over Meg's blog every second of the day :P

  2. I never said that.... I just said you comment very quickly. :)

  3. Ahhhh I would kill for the Galt's Gulch necklace, but I'm saving my money for Christmas... and my springtime trips to see the Dia/Blake tour. Woe is me. It's so pretty though!

    I'm reading We The Living right now. It's an awesome read, it's cool to read one of her earlier novels. I think I need to reread A-Shrugged though, it's been awhile.

  4. MegDia_fan it's going to be just a bit longer for the Winter Earrings...

  5. I actually meant the necklace that says coming soon. Since three of the other coming soons came out, I thought maybe the winter chandler necklace would too.

    The earrings sound cute too but I don't know how much longer I can wait for another Chandler! So my heart is set on the necklace.

    (@soupNcrackers - i know i picture. how come when I change my picture, it doesn't change the old ones too? Just the newer posts?)

  6. Oh, sorry, I meant "necklace". The winter necklaces are coming soon. I'm estimating they will be available in about a week.


  7. I dunno....Maybe the website is like that. And Thank you, i recently discovered on interest in Giant bananas dressed in nightwear. I began watching a few episodes online.

    Have you heard they have gone animated? What a shame.

    Enough about Bananas, I've decided I'll be buying the stupendous chandler. And knowing they'll probably sold out in a couple of days, I should get to buying them.