Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Dreamed a Dream

On those career cards that the elementary school teachers give you, Dia wrote "Singer" in the blank at the top of the page. Ever since we were kids, I watched her chase that dream, helped her chase that dream, and chased a somewhat similar dream myself. ( I think in that space I would have written: Professional Touring Musician, Independent Jewelry Designer, Boutique Desert Cafe Owner or maybe just…"happy".)

She was a "Singer" in our first pop-punk band when we were kids. She was a "Singer" in Meg and Dia. Now, she's really a singer as "Dia Frampton from The Voice". I think the day you know you've made it is when you see your name up in lights, and well, her name is pretty lit up.

Today she walked into band practice humming the tune to Les Miserable's "I Dreamed a Dream" and announced that she was trying out for the part of Cozette with a sheepish grin and sparkling eyes.  (She has fantasized about playing Cozette and being on broadway since she was old enough digest solid foods.) I thought to myself, "Here is a girl who just a few months ago was working in a cupcake shop in New York, struggling to pay for her next fish taco, and now she snatches up her dreams so quickly, all you have to do is blink and she fulfills a dozen more. 

I usually have so many obstacles that I place in front of my dreams to decrease the chances of me fulfilling them, a self-fulfilling prophecy if you will. I think Dia's secret is actually believing you have what it takes and then TAKING IT of course!

Watching someone ride ocean waves into their sunset, really helps to inspire oneself. Do ya'll remember how nobody could run a "4-minute mile" until one person did it? Then all of a sudden dozens of runners had accomplished that "impossible" achievement.

When my other little sister Jade came to support Dia with me during the first few episodes of "The Voice", after watching Dia's performance of "Heartless" from the audiences seats, Jade leaned over and whispered to me. "After watching her sing in front of all these people like that, I feel like I can do anything. Is that corny?" I told her, yes I thought it was, but I understood what she was saying.

Success is not a matter of luck (well, maybe a little). Success is really a personal perspective and attitude adjustment.

Have you ever thought that maybe you ARE good enough? Because you probably are. It's all a matter of convincing yourself and the rest really falls into place.

I dreamed a dream. Did you?


  1. Yeah, I've been trying to figure out why I've become such a fan of Dia as well as the band since her "Heartless" performance on the Voice. I've always had the dream of becoming a published author, something I'm still working toward. Sometimes when I'm struggling through a difficult passage or feeling like it just won't ever come together that dream feels like a wisp of smoke. Sure I can see it, but it's impossible to grab a hold of.

    I guess seeing someone accomplish her dream, even against how uncomfortable The Voice was for her. Not to mention to pick herself up after losing the record deal and running out of funds inspired and still inspires me. Like you, I feel a bit sheepish about how cheesy it all sounds, but I really can't help it. It is inspiring.

    Helps that the music is damn good too. :)

    Glad to see you all got it together on Leno. (Too bad about Carlo's hand, however. Looks like he recovered quickly though! Just saw him play online.)

    Thanks for your posts and I'm glad things are going so well for everyone. I look forward to seeing the whole band in concert when you come to Seattle.

  2. When I was a kid, I used to dismiss people with big dreams. I thought, “It is always for someone else more talented, who had connections. It’s only for the fortunate few.” Perhaps, it’s because I come from a small town with people with small minds.
    It took me awhile as an adult to realize how hard people worked to achieve their dreams.
    You and Dia seemed to have grasped the concept pretty early on as you wrote,
    “I see the ones who got a taste of their dreams and I think I want it more than them, but wanting is what children do, and taking is for ruined men. You gotta earn your way.”
    I admire you both. You had the courage to follow your dreams. Like you said, “you believed in yourself.” You paid the price in spades in many ways. You guys made records and had some success; only to end up getting your tires slashed as reward. You never gave up. Dia stuck her neck out on a TV show and it paid off.
    I think, there is no doubt talent and hard work helped make this dream reality. But most importantly her belief in herself, her courage and desire was the deciding factor.
    My favorite quote is from Randy Paush.
    “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The brick walls are there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough. They are there to stop the other people!”
    You know what you are talking about!

  3. Meg, My dream has always been to get my books published,be able to make a living with my writing, but most importantly I would like my words to inspire others, maybe brighten their day..give them hope.

    Meg & Dia/Dia Frampton music,all of your writing(Jades writing too!) has inspired me. I was in a bad funk for a long time and all of you have given me what I need to start writing again. I know the rest is up to me to do what I need to accomplish my goals, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your talents and the passion for what you do! :)

  4. I loved this post. I'm trying to achieve my dream now. It's hard work, but I'm not giving up on it :)

  5. Hi Meg, I read that you are forming a new band on the side. Any details on that? What kind of music will the new band be playing? I hope something with some great, crunchy guitar, I love your guitar playing! I wish you the best of luck!

  6. "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true."
    -Leon J. Suenes

  7. I love the brick wall analogy!

    Ghostchick, there were a few "side projects" I was almost involved in, but I prefer to stick with my two babies: Dia's band and Chandler the Robot for now:)

  8. Dear Meg,

    I'm undoubtedly blessed to have heard "Hearts out to dry" produced, sang, and written by YOU and dia, how it genuinely should be. Its not just "Dia's band", its yourselves, Carlo's, Jonathan's, and Nick's too. Its disappointing to me how Dias increased acknowledgement is not shared with you. Sure CTR is prospering and not as much with m&d but is that really what you would prefer? Sure you broke even with Cocoon because of Dia's new fame, but is that really the dream? A side project can never replace over 14+ years of devotion. Everyone in mad dedicated monumental amounts of time.. shouldn't it be rewarded and not kept in the dark? The future of Carlo, Nick, and Jon? What are they to do without m&d? They start all OVER? Get boring jobs and stop chasing THEIR dreams?!Dia Frampton is the side project, Meg and Dia will always be the dream, "At least i hope"

    Our Home Is Gone,Something Real,Here, Here and Here, and Cocoon

  9. Wow, although I kind of agree with the above post, it still seems a little harsh. I, too, wish that M&D received more recognition for their music, but I also understand that the music business is not always fair. I mean, I think Meg and Dia have written some beautiful and insighful songs in the past, but others have said, 'oh they need to write better songs in order to hit big' all the while some of the most shallow pop/dance music sits atop of the charts. So, I think we should support Dia in her solo project with the knowledge & maybe a little hope that it will help to open new doors for the rest of the band. I bought Red and have been enjoying it quite a bit even though I prefer the indie/alternative/raw sound of Meg & Dia. We all have to take Meg's word that she and the others honestly feel this is the best route to take at this time, I mean they are family & I don't think they would want to hold one member down when it is obvious that one member is making an effort to keep them involved. I do sometimes wish Meg and the rest would get a little more shine, but I honestly feel it will come. How can it not? Just keep the faith and keep supporting all members of the band in all of their projects, good things are coming!

  10. Ok record label... here i come.