Thursday, December 15, 2011


"Hold on, Hold on! Stop!" Our instruments screech into silence, and I glance nervously first back at Nick behind his kit, and then at Jonathan just behind me on stage left. Surly, Billy can't be referring to me. Then I look straight into our "music director's" eyes, and it's true: I was the cause for our band rehearsal disruption. "You've got to look like you're not concentrating so hard Meg. Use wide motions like this!" he exclaims as he jumps off his conductor's couch and snatches the tambourine from my startled hand. "Now, are you right or left-handed?" he inquires. "I'm left…and right handed" I stammer. Billy shrugs his shoulders and guffaws in despair. "Left and right handed?! "Well, yeah… You see." He holds a hand up and I am silenced.

We start the song over. I try to slap a silly grin on my face and force my brows to separate and lower back to their normal positions. We continue on for a few moments. I'm finally getting the hang of a percussion instrument. "Wait, wait!" We stop again after another 15 seconds. "Now, on that measure toss the tambourine on the floor and play the second half of the chorus on the guitar. Then…" He swiftly flies across the stage, rescues a lonely floor tom off in a corner and plunks it down on my left side. "Can you play this tom with your left hand and smack the tambourine on your right hip with your right hand on the off beats?" One never says "no" to Billy. He has those piercing sky-blue eyes that mesmerize you into immediate obedience. (You know the ones.)

"Start at the beginning" he shouts from the the back of the room as he makes a twirling motion with his right index finger. I'm doing fine during the intro when I'm just whistling and playing tambourine. "I can do this. I can do this." I think to myself. The chorus comes. I focus with all my might on playing tom with left hand, tambourine with right, singing, and maintaining a look of peace on my face with a gentle smile. My first beat was a failure since I couldn't seem to locate my right hip, and the tambourine slammed into an acoustic guitar on a stand behind me. (Good thing we have a deal with Fender right now, huh?)

It got better. Dia backed me up with a comment, "The only thing Asians are good at doing with sticks is eating rice." 

Not to worry, by the time we go on tour next year, I'm going to be twirling drumsticks and playing my guitar with my teeth! Also, as much as I've been painting Billy like a bully, he's really the best thing that has happened to us as far as rehearsals go. I shudder to think what we would sound and look like without his expert advice and direction, and it helps that this music director of ours comes complete with a witty sense of humor and unflinching support and faith in us.You're the bestest Billy!



  1. I'm left...and right handed too! I'm left handed for drawing and holding utensils, but for everything else, like; playing guitar, throwing a baseball, kicking a soccer ball with my right foot, etc...I'm right :)

    Do left-handed scissors work for you? They don't for me. I guess I'm right handed for that too...

  2. awww yay!! i'm sooo excited to see yall in las vegas!!! it's only a few months away now!!

  3. can't wait to see what all this looks like on stage! can you say one woman band?

    ps. we should start an ambidextrous club. haha.

  4. Too funny! Still smiling at this. Nothing like being singled out, no pressure. I liked your reactions.

    Ambidextrous, huh, apparently very rare. Could be about 1% or less of all the people in the world. I knew you were special. Do you get a "special" tour bus too, like the ones the special kids got back in school?

    Love the behind-the-scenes details. Write again soon, please.

  5. Wow all the multitasking sounds hard, but I bet it must look impressive :) I really hope I can make it to a concert!!

  6. Based on the whistling and tambourine, I'm guessing you were practicing "Walk Away"? All the instrument transitions mid-song must be challenging. I cant even handle jumping from chord to chord on my guitar effectively, let alone switching to the piano. Sounds like fun though!

  7. MRoxas you are so right! It is my favorite song to play.

  8. Hey Meg! :D I thought it sounded like you were referring to "Walk Away." It's also currently my favorite song to play from Dia's album at the moment! Heh..My favorites keep changing. As of right now though, I just keep imagining the band playing it live and kicking butt with it so I'm so incredibly anxious to see you guys perform it live! Practice must be brutal (but also super fun) since you guys are pretty much living the dream right now. Really looking forward seeing y'all! Hope you guys play "Hearts out to Dry" and "Billy the Kid" on tour too.

    If you could let Dia know, she did an awesome job with the record. The tracks from "Red" are so dang infectious, even my dad complained earlier to me how "Billy the Kid" has been stuck in his head all day.. Of course, that's not the first time it happened. Five years ago, he was complaining to me too how me and my bro play "Masterpiece" so freaking much, he found himself singing it in the shower. Guess the Frampton sisters just have that talent. So proud of you all!