Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yoga and Cowboys

I'd have to say my favorite moments being in L.A. rehearsing thus far, have been the conversations that Nick, Jonathan, and I have whenever we get lost driving around Silver Lake in the band van. Eager to escape from an exhausting practice for a few hours, we zip around searching for a Trader Joes for example or an Amp Repair shop. We immediately become enraptured in "geeky" conversations such as Stevie Ray Vaughn's death by helicopter crash, which just so happened to be on the same day his father died three years earlier, or Iceland's economy failing a year before the United States' economy failed for the same reasons. While discussing the true merits of flotation tanks, we find ourselves yet again disoriented somewhere in the streets of Los Angeles, searching in vain for familiar street names like "Vermont", "Cahuenga" or "Sunset".

We've been practicing six to seven hours each day, every day. We took one break yesterday because Dia's voice box was about to explode. I think we are finally becoming comfortable with the music. There are only three songs we have left to analyze, tear apart, and put back together again. I am not afraid. Bring it on I say.

In the meantime, the main activities keeping me sane with our hectic schedule are my daily yoga classes (when they don't conflict with band practice) and delicious warm caffeinated beverages. I drag Nick to yoga classes with me sometimes. I think he's finally starting to enjoy them. The trade off was I had to play star craft with him and our bass player, Jonathan in the evenings. Lord, save me along with the Zergs!

As you have probably figured out, since I'm in L.A. practicing with "Dia Frampton" and my jewelry studio is in Austin, I haven't been able to make new jewelry creations. I did bring some of my tools and some extra clay and copper with me to Utah were my folks reside, so I will be working on a few projects for Chandler the Robot when I'm home for Christmas, but other than that, I can't say that there will be more jewelry up in my shop until next year late March. No more "First Thursdays" until after the Blake Shelton tour is over until then as well. 

However, I will be thinking about future Chandler the Robot designs constantly and incessantly of course. (Chandler is my baby.) I keep a pencil and sketch pad in my purse at all times for jewelry design ideas that pop into my head. I will be constantly "instagramming" and "blogging" while we're on tour and promise to keep everyone as up to date as possible. 

I believe I've explained this before: With Chandler and music, my life is going to be like a teeter totter, and right now I'm tottering into the land of tour busses, arenas, country music, and jolly drunk cowboys. I'm not complaining;) 

Sleepy time. Yoga class starts early tomorrow.



  1. Always nice to hear updates from Meg.
    I'm very excited for tour... 'cause I've been waiting a long time for this one!
    I'll be at the Seattle, West Hollywood and Denver shows for sure... one more, but which one is still up in the air.
    I wanted to do Nashville but it's 18+. Lame. I'm a few months off for that one.

    I've been wearing my Winter Chandler almost every day. He makes me glow with happiness. (Cheezy, right?)

  2. You play Starcraft?! So damn cool.

    Too bad you guys aren't coming up to SF. I'd love to see the band perform at a smaller venue like the Fillmore. We might be able to make it to the show in San Jose, but none of us are familiar with Shelton's music.

    Great hearing from you.

  3. I can't wait to see all of the pictures and blogs while you're on tour!!!

    Can you believe Christmas is only 11 days away? It seems to have come so much faster this year...

  4. Forrest and I are coming to the Vegas show. Then of course he wants to make a ski trip out of it... but we're stoked to see you guys with Blake Shelton!

  5. Want to do some great marketing? Make an SC2 spoof song. "Banelings, Banelings," got 7.8 million views. Since you all know SC2 it would be great marketing for the band. Not to mention I bet it would sound better! :)

  6. so excited for all of your and Dia's success, have to admit I'm going to miss First Thursday though. Maybe every now and again you could tease us with your latest sketches for Chandlers? peak our interest? haha
    Good Luck! I hope to see a show in the very near future!

  7. Oh man, those are geeky conversations? Well I guess I'm a full on geek then! That being said, I support Vigilant's idea of a SC2 spoof song.

    Looking forward to seeing you and the band perform when the tour comes to my area. I was planning on going to one of the Blake Shelton shows, but it's one of the few venues that doesn't have tickets available yet... If I manage to go though, it'd be my first time seeing you all live and on my birthday!

    By the way, I tagged you in this picture but I don't know if you saw it. Dia said to show it to you so... Here ya go!

  8. yay! i'm glad you'll be instagramming and blogging while on tour. can't wait to see what crazy adventures you guys have. i hope you sneak in some limited pieces in the shop over xmas. i love seeing what you come up with. peeping chandler was pretty awesome :)

    i'll be seeing you guys in seattle and LA. pretty excited to see yall live for the first time.

    btw lorenz, that pic is hilarious!!

  9. Jill, I'm hoping I'll have time for a few extra holiday pieces. We'll see how crazy the holidays are gonna be at home this year.

    Lorenz, That picture is hilarious! Dia was talking about it in practice today, and none of us got it. She got all flustered and said "you guys just have to see it!"

    kcs021, I'll keep the sketches coming for sure:)

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  12. Really? I bet her explanation was even funnier than the picture, ha ha.

  13. Sometimes before I read your blog I like to do a quick skim to see the length and images. This time when I did that I was shocked to see the image of StarCraft. You're becoming more nerdy ;) How did you like it?! And thanks for doing what you do, when you can Meg. There are at least four thousand confirmed people out there who care about what you post. Plus thousands more who are "secret viewers!"

  14. Wow, Kenny. I never thought about it that way. I really appreciate that:)